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Pauline Hanson on why #WomensMarch is misaimed

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the massive marches that sprung up in America and across the world, which claimed to protest for ‘women’s rights’.

Never mind that many of these protests have been funded by the anarchist enabling, society destabilising George Soros.

Or that one of the leading protesters in America, Madonna, explicitly threatened that she would ‘blow up the white house’.

In response to this nonsense, Pauline Hanson tweeted: “I want you to ask yourself- Where is the #WomensMarch to protest the suffering of women in countries under the rule of Islamic Extremists?”

Considering that these marches occurred in my own country, this is a valid question to raise.

So what do radical Australian feminists, have to fear under a Trump Presidency? At worst, they would see the redistribution of American abortion rights back to state jurisdictions, as the US constitution permits. Or, they might worry about having a US President who ‘normalizes sexual assault’, despite the fact that millions of women throw themselves at famous celebrities, often hoping for similar behaviour.

But beyond the realms of non- specific discussions, or some abstract theoretical basis for gender studies classrooms, there should be no doubt as to which women globally are facing the gravest challenge.

19 of the worst 20 countries for women, are in fact Islamic. Pauline Hanson is correct to raise attention to the misplaced priorities of the female (and non- female) protesters participating in #WomensMarch across the world.

For if your comparing some bad things that Donald Trump has said, to the cruel injustices imposed upon women in domestic violence, rape, divorce, in addition to honour killings, the segregation of men and women, burqas, sexual slavery, child marriage as well as polygamy in accordance with Islamic law, there is no competition in terms of persecution experienced.

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