The ABC and their coverage of the Trump inauguration

Due to a lack of other avenues, I watched our national broadcaster’s coverage of the Trump inauguration.

And while I knew there were issues, my experience last night reaffirmed my preexisting concerns: the ABC is abusively biased towards leftist and regressive causes.

In the lead up to the main event, certain language employed by ABC hosts particularly troubled me. These included:

1: The subtle excusing/ promoting of anarchy

Desperate to delegitimize Donald Trump, the ABC made extra work of emphasizing the size and scale of the protests in Washington DC. Did the broadcast actively promote the actions/ motives of the protesters? No, but their excessive mentioning of the protests, in addition to showing extensive footage of the events, only heightened perceptions of division and animosity.

As a supposedly impartial broadcaster, it would also have been nice if at some stage the ABC had the courage to call the protesters what they truly were: anarchists hell bent on wreaking destruction. There is nothing glorious, or admirable, about conducting protests which devolved into violence and chaos (as occurred before the Trump inauguration). Of course not all protesters had malicious intentions, but the fact that the ABC did not directly address the indiscretions of some, is concerning.

2: An outright lie regarding abortion in the United States

Somewhere in the coverage, an ABC journalist claimed that Donald Trump and Republicans at the Federal level, were going to ‘ban abortion’. This is particularly an outright lie regarding the state of abortion laws in the United States. What I think this ABC leech was alluding to was the future fate of Roe v Wade, which appears uncertain under a Trump Presidency.

But should Donald Trump appoint Supreme Court justices who abandon the illegal Roe v Wade judgement, this is not the same thing as ‘banning’ abortion. This is because the original judgement of Roe v Wade guaranteed abortion rights across the United States, through the force of federal law. Contrary to regressive lies, abolishing Roe v Wade would completely send back the issue of abortion to state jurisdictions, not ban the procedure altogether. For the federal government and Supreme Court has no real constitutional authority to legislate over abortion, and nothing in what Donald Trump has said, or the process of potentially abolishing Roe v Wade, would result in banning the practice. But these facts are all irrelevant details, for the perennially dishonest ABC.

3: Misrepresenting the popularity of Donald Trump

The ABC also gave particular weight to the idea that Donald Trump has ‘historically low’ approval ratings. And true, polls have shown that Trump will start as an unpopular President.

But tens of millions of people, also like Donald Trump. Millions of working class Democrats, and former Bernie Sanders supporters, eventually moved to support Donald Trump in the general election. And while the ABC paid lip service to these facts, where are the admissions that their organisation grossly underestimated Trump’s chances of being elected?

I saw endless reports in the lead up to the election, when all of these ABC ‘experts’, claimed that Trump had little to no chance of being elected.

True, many people were wrong in their predictions on the election. But for journalists to be so far off the mark about a major political event, and then pretend to still maintain credibility, is absurd.

4. Misrepresenting the reasons Trump ran for President

Certain members of the ABC panel insinuated that Donald Trump ran for the Presidency to further business interests.

So let me get this straight. A multi- billionaire, accustomed to living a life of lavish and luxury, at aged 69, ran for the Presidency to help his business? He gave up his friends as well as reputation among Manhattan elites, will be 78 if re- elected, and the ABC believes Trump gained the Presidency to aid his business?

Sorry, but I, or any rationally- driven person, doesn’t buy such nonsense.

Whereas I aim to be reasonable and fair, I am not a state funded broadcaster posing as impartial news. Obviously, this is an opinion- centred site, and at no stage have I pretended to be unbiased.

But the regressive hijacking of the ABC is something else. As while the ABC might be desperate to have people of different genders, races and religions, there is a shortage of diverse opinions, a damning reflection on a state- sponsored news organisation.

For every Greens supporter on ABC panels, there should be a One Nation supporter, as there should be a Liberal supporter for every Labor supporter.

Regrettably, this lack of balance in reporting, was reflected in the anti- Trump deception that was the inauguration coverage last night.

And while regressives naturally bludge insignificant careers off government budgets, the ABC must be radically altered to reflect the opinions of all Australians, not just those of the chattering elites.

14 thoughts on “The ABC and their coverage of the Trump inauguration

  1. The ABC knows that if a Trump style movement takes hold in Australia it is finished (unfortunately Pauline Hanson is not going to lead it and we need to find a more compelling personality) . The beauty of their woeful broadcasting and their continued smear of Trump is that they are only digging their own grave. Along with all the other MSM and the rubbish they put out there, people are turning it off. Yes, some are turning it off because they support the ABC position and take it to their heart Trump is terrible, the end of the world, but we know a bigger majority supports Trump than has been reported, and these people are turning it off and quietly bidding their time and sharpening their axes.

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