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Is Russia a threat to the liberal international order?

Joe Biden, an old establishment Democratic hack, recently came out with some interesting claims.

While at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Biden accused Russia of testing “the fault lines of western nations” and aiming to return “to a politics defined by spheres of influence.”

Biden continued; “with many countries in Europe slated to hold elections this year, we should expect further attempts by Russia to meddle in the democratic process.

“It will occur again, I promise you. And again the purpose is clear: to collapse the liberal international order.”

Now as much as I dislike Biden’s brand of politician, he is right to some extent.

If Biden is describing the liberal international order as it stands and has historically continued to progress: a world of ever- powerful international organisations, open borders in addition to diminishing national sovereignty and pride, Russia’s Putin is absolutely a bulwark to this menace.

Putin’s ardent social conservatism also presents a challenge to the increasingly liberalised West, and serves as an alternative to what Biden might consider the ‘liberal international order’.

But where my dispute with Joe Biden’s statements begins, is at deciding whether these trends should be deemed a force for good. And while such beliefs earn scorn from elites on the Left and Right, as well as from powerful corporations and donor classes, I hold that the nationalistic rebellions of 2016, will ultimately be on the right side of history.

What good people aimed for in the ashes of World War Two, has now transpired into something else.

The European Union is actively seeking to suppress the national sovereignty of countries through creating overriding courts, maintaining open borders, pushing for militaristic developments, and shaming the culture of peoples all over Europe.

And in a similar yet different manner, the United Nations is interfering in the domestic jurisdictions of nation states on indigenous matters, refugees and climate change along with upholding tyranny worldwide.

Meanwhile, all of these negative developments are occurring at the measured demise of democracy: a political system which has brought enormous individual rights and unrivalled societal stability.

So is Russia a threat to this establishment of the ‘liberal international order’?


But is Russia’s patriotic, nationalistic momentum a bad thing?

I don’t believe so.

Moreover, Biden’s suggestion that Russia is meddling in the democratic processes of Western countries, is a complex one.

There have been loose rumours that Russia has been enhancing public support for Right- wing, Eurosceptic parties.

If true, this is enough to bother certain segments within Europe.

But from what reports I have heard, Russia has been attempting to further the popularity of certain political movements, through subtle means. This indirect influence, is very different from a nation directly interfering in election processes.

Which by the way, Western countries have done exactly so on innumerable occasions. Most recently in Ukraine, when American neocons encouraged the overthrow of a democratically elected government.

Yet, Joe Biden, the Vice- President of the United States during this time, has the mettle to lecture Russia on interrupting democracy?

One might not like what Russia is doing domestically and abroad, but the manner by which Biden and others in the Democrat establishment are carrying on, wreaks of hypocrisy.

In basic terms, the excessive Fear mongering of regressives over Russia, is misplaced. If anything, Russia serves as the great barrier between the bad ideas of globalism and the great traditions of Western civilization.

So for Joe Biden to panic over a country much smaller than his own and EU nations as a whole, reflects Russia’s expanding appeal worldwide. It also indicates that global elites have an underpinning insecurity over the growing tide against their internationalist ideology, and on their problems with countering this great momentum.

Likewise, whilst I generally detest the word ‘phobia’ in light of its context for SJW’s in 2017, we do need to ease up our own ‘Russophobia’ into the future.

Note: My description of people as being ‘regressives’, will henceforth be my own way of describing so called ‘progressives’. It is simply a term I consider more fitting. Thankyou!

One thought on “Is Russia a threat to the liberal international order?

  1. Personally, I like what Russia is doing under Putin, a man who surely knows many ins and outs of the Russian system as well as the International political rabbit warren. Putin seems to have a pretty clear grasp on the basic concept Trump put forward while campaigning: “No longer will the nation-state be sacrificed on the false altar of Globalism.”

    I has occurred to me that the EU is disintegrating because it was not modeled on the US of A as an US of E (United States of Europe). It has no open constitution with a clear statement of aspiration and it is not by and for the people, but for the historically ruling elite of Europe who loath the very idea of democracy and people being involved in governance. Globalism, sadly, is an attempt at a rather totalitarian global system, kept running by monetary policy, secretive trade deals for those that could get them, a permanent military state forever fighting a conjured enemy, and the appearance of public consensus through controlled media.

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