5 thoughts on “One Nation invited to Trump’s inauguration 

  1. As long as all of this paleoconservative movement continues to stay on target re: economic nationalism, essential western values and not getting sucked in to fin-de-siecle avant-garde sub-group minority politics things will go well.

    There is definitely a civil war brewing or already underway in the media and in the financial and military establishment. The party of Davos is in dissaray. A world view based on bleeding heart sentiment is crashing upon the shore of law and the structural realities of finance. The fantasies can no longer be sustained and all of those that have no basis in constitutional law will be shaken down.

    This is good publicity for OneNation. Hopefully the party will use it well; stay away from race politics and the temptation of white only rallying cries, for not only are those ideas not true they provide fuel to those trying to stem the tide. It won’t be long before the Liberals blow up.

    As Malcolm Roberts has shown, once people stand up and say what the shame and guilt tripping Green party have labelled as unsay-able the dam bursts. The power of Green guilt is waning. It should get interesting.

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