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Why the Left is dishonest on immigration 

There are some conservatives especially on the so called ‘alt right’, that oppose all non- white immigration.

Personally, I dispute this belief, as I agree that different ethnic groups; particularly the Vietnamese and other comparably hard working people, have offered valuable cultural and economic benefits to this country.

I do take enjoyment in some Asian food, and to some extent agree that our country is better off with some influence from our Northern neighbours.

However, my disagreement with the dogma of multiculturalism and immigration, begins at the point in which the parent culture of Australia, becomes so disperse it is difficult to identify.

Most parts of Australia remain identifiable, but in some areas, demographics are so departed from our nation’s roots, that it cannot be easily recognised as the nation I grew up in. Moreover, statistics suggest that Australia will become increasingly diverse and polarised into the future.

It is simply my belief that the descendants of the founders of this country, have some legitimacy to maintain demographic circumstances which ensures they indefinitely remain the majority in a country which rightly belongs to them.

Whether a group is white, black, Asian, Christian or Muslim, I believe it moral for all people in this world to maintain a genuine homeland for their own, as often as is practically possible.

While this desire is pursued throughout the developing world, as well as in Tibet and Israel, Australia faces major difficulties in directly addressing this basic issue.

In 1996, Pauline Hanson warned that Australia could be ‘swamped’ by Asians, with increasing percentages of our immigration stemming from Asia.

While at the time she was shunned, nearly 21 years later, and after many millions of immigrants, it is reasonable to conclude that her predication came to fruition.

Agree or disagree with multiculturalism, this is a big problem with current practices: the obvious lack of honesty in discussing this issue.

As for one to disagree with current immigration/ multiculturalism because these policies are replacing an existing population, they are instantly shunned as ‘racists’ of ‘bigots’, while the transformation is seldom discussed despite it being a complete reversal on the initial grounds for this country.

I do not expect all people, whether they be conservative or progressive, to agree with my political beliefs.

But, considering the immense visible and cultural changes taking place across Australian communities, it would only be reasonable if the Left were upfront about the scope of this transition.

However, I suspect that my wishes will continue to go unanswered, and any formal recognition of the wide- sweeping changes our country is being forced to undego, will be disregarded.

Because, in truth, I suspect that there are many millions of remnants of the ‘old Australia’, that feel uncomfortable at changes taking place. And fundamentally, the Left fears the displeasure this vast swath of middle Australia holds for their grand project.

As while ordinary Australians are not prone to unique bigotry to immigrants of different backgrounds, what is occurring to our country without consent, is something different altogether.

Of course, if you polled Australians and asked ‘do you respect Asian people in this country’, a massive majority would agree on the worth of these people.

But if you asked Australians, ‘would you prefer that Australian culture and traditionally Australian people dominated our future, or ethnic Asians, Arabs, Africans, and a million other different creeds’, polling responses would surely be different.

And who could blame such a response?

Middle Australia who settled our lands, fought through two world world wars and the Great Depression in the process of creating the country modern generations are fortunate enough to inherit, is being increasingly alienated from the mainstream.

They can visit suburbs in Melbourne, and only see Chinese language on the signs.

Or they can visit South Western Sydney, and in part, struggle to find women who are not wearing a hijab.

Or, they can switch on their national broadcaster, which repeatedly shames the perceived and/or real actions of their ancestors.

So whilst white Australians have historically owned Australian identity, current priorities are trending towards immigrants and minorities.

All of these monumental changes which are taken place, were never voted upon, or even addressed significantly in the public sphere, save for Pauline Hanson.

And I suspect that much like Donald Trump’s ‘silent majority’, there are enormous parts of middle Australia, who feel forgotten amid this radical social change.

2 thoughts on “Why the Left is dishonest on immigration 

  1. Perhaps the end of the Barry Soetoro era, the collapsing of Globalism and the EU, the coming collapse of the ECB, Brexit and the rise of Trump all boils down to one simple fact, that all the ideals in the world are nothing in the long run if they cannot hold or maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the people and the essence of this legitimacy rests in constitutional law as a documented aspiration of any given people.

    It has been very easy to sell multiculturalism as the antidote to Imperialism, as the salve to endless war, greed and disparity, pitting readily perceived inconsistencies between stated values and actions on the ground of western countries against their own institutions. Yet, all the protests in favor of social change to redress the wrongs of history are lost without some settlement in law.

    To debate the future of Australia on grounds of race or creed is to bang one’s head against a wall. What should be debated are values and the particulars of how the society functions; the framework of a constitution.

    Where the Left is being disingenuous is in their disowning of the constitution and refusal to address these issues in such terms. One can be from anywhere, but the issue is how does one expect to participate in society, what are the rights, rules and responsibilities?

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