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The implications of ‘Russian hacking’

Evidence is said to be mounting, that the Russian government sought to indirectly interfere in the 2016 Presidential election, by aiding the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

While the whining Left are using these reports by US intelligence agencies to delegitimize Donald Trump, a crucial home truth is first worth acknowledging.

Throughout the last election cycle, despite lies coming at varying stages from Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump, there was one figure of clarity, whose release of accurate information could not be disputed.

That person is Julian Assange through his organisation of WikiLeaks, that relentlessly exposed Hillary Clinton’s deep- rooted corruption.

So when Julian Assange says that Russia had no involvement in WikiLeak’s hacking of sensitive information, it is generally worth listening.

I also encourage all to watch Assange’s recent interview with Hannity, in which Assange clinically dismantles the various claims made against WikiLeaks and Russia.

Regardless, for arguments sake, what if the allegations are indeed true, and that Russia interfered with American democracy to support the campaign of Donald Trump?

Then the implications would be very different, to what some aspects of the media are portraying them to be.

Since World War Two, the United States has been interferring in the democratic processes of many states. So to claim that election interference is a new concept just because it suits the Democrat’s current political purposes, is highly disingenuous.

Furthermore, where were the cries of outrage, when Barrack Obama infamously told Brits that their country would be put to the ‘back of the queue’, if they pursued self- determination and reclaimed their sovereignty?

Any hypothetical Russian involvements in hacking, would also reaffirm to us something we have know for a very long time: Obama’s Presidency has been laced with marked weakness. As if Putin did intend on hacking the US government, he would have done so without consequence.

Whether it be Obama’s ‘red line’ in Syria, to the disagreements over Ukraine, to Putin openly mocking US foreign policy, the conclusion remains the same: the American President maintains no legitimacy or respect when dealing with Russia.

That Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats is nothing more than a farce, as if the President really intended to act tough, he would have considered similar action months, if not years earlier.

Whilst evidence remains limited, should it be true the Russian government sought to influence the election for Donald Trump, this is a reflection on the ineptness of President Obama, as much as anything else.

4 thoughts on “The implications of ‘Russian hacking’

  1. The seeds for this thread were planted at least as far back as the 3rd presidential Debate when Hillary Clinton was asked about a Wikileaks expose of her position on open border hemispheric trade throughout the Americas. In classic Clinton fashion she avoided the answer straight away by pivoting to Russia suggesting “the important thing to remember about Wikileaks is that Russia is behind the hacks and providing them to assist their chosen candidate Donald Trump.”

    There is a narrative here that has it’s genesis deep in the fetid bowels of the US defense industry and MIC including the wretched CIA, which Kennedy was entirely correct should be smashed into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds.

    For decades now the US government has been the dog wagged by the tail, and a main muscle in that tail is the CIA (another is the Fed and another is media). The tail is desperate to keep control of the dog by keeping control of the narrative to which is heels, truths, justice and fairness be damned. They will keep running with this story and others as long as it takes to win back the White House for the Establishment, whereupon they can shove it down the throats of gullible fools worldwide that the natural ruling order has been restored.

  2. When China hacked into our government and top officials in April 2015, the only thing we heard from Obama then was . . . crickets. Now, 35 Russian officials and their families are expelled in the 11th hour. Sore losers.

  3. Absolutely. When Obama tried to secretly dismantle Netanyahu’s goverment, it was for the righteous cause of globalism. Now that he and the democratic party may have been hurt by the same tactics, it’s a international scandal. What crap and what a duplicitous piece of shit is Obama.

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