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Poor move from Australia

Did the Australian government pay heed to the idea of ignoring Indonesia after the row over ‘offensive training material’? Unfortunately not, as instead, our Defence Minister has announced an ‘investigation’ into the incident.

If we are truly interested in investigating something that ‘offended’ Indonesia, a country which practices female genital mutilation, and lashes females for being in public with a male non- relative, then we have seriously misplaced priorities.

Moreover, Australia acting as the grovelling lap dog to Indonesia does nothing to serve our interests, and leaves a legacy of weakness for future occasions.

“Indonesian defence spat being ironed out”, Cairns Post, January 5, 2017:

The argy-bargy between Australia and Indonesia’s defence forces is expected to be swiftly ironed out well before an Indonesian presidential visit in coming months.

It was revealed this week the Indonesian military had suspended defence co-operation with Australia – a move made without the involvement of President Joko Widodo or his defence minster.

The suspension was triggered after an Indonesian special forces trainer, who was teaching Bahasa Indonesia language at an Australian military academy late last year, found some offensive material.

There was reference to West Papua’s independence movement and the ridiculing of Indonesia’s national ideology, Pancasila.

Defence Minister Marise Payne has confirmed an investigation is under way.

“I would hope at the conclusion of the inquiry, when we’re able to indicate to Indonesia the steps that have been taken in Australia to address any of these concerns, we’ll be able to discuss resuming the relationship across the board then,” Senator Payne told ABC Radio…

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