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Tony Abbott wants foreign aid suspended to Palestinian Authority

So long as the Palestinian authority provides assistance to terrorists and their families, why should we be sending them any aid whatsoever? Much money could be spent for far better purposes at home.

While these ideas would have been more influential if proposed while he was still Prime Minister, I applaud Tony Abbott for his timely comments amid a sea of anti- Israel sentiment.

“Tony Abbott wants foreign aid suspended to Palestinian Authority”,, January 2, 2016:

FORMER prime minister Tony Abbott wants Australia to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority because “it keeps paying pensions to terrorists and their families”.

He made the call in an opinion piece published in The Spectator Magazine on Monday.

Australia’s aid program to Palestine is more than $40 million a year and is provided via United Nations agencies and some charity organisations.

The money goes towards projects to provide Palestinian refugees with basic services such as health, education, water and sanitation.

Last year, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade suspended aid to World Vision’s work in the Palestinian Territories in the wake of allegations the charity’s head in Gaza funnelled millions of dollars to militant group Hamas.

The organisation has denied the claims which are subject to court proceedings. Mr Abbott also flagged that Australia could demonstrate “unswerving support for Israel” by joining any move by the incoming Trump administration to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…

5 thoughts on “Tony Abbott wants foreign aid suspended to Palestinian Authority

  1. He is correct.

    Obviously Israel has historic claim to the region that predates both Christianity and Islam. But it is not 600BC anymore either so Israel can’t suddenly demand a complete return of territory from that age of the world.

    Of course the 2-state solution is a ridiculous farce, as is the fact that nobody would even talk about it until the late 90s, as if the suggestion were some kind of taboo or groundbreaking concept. But one has to have 2 states to have a 2 state solution and since 1948 there has been one state (Israel) and a basket-case former British protectorate left to fend for itself with nothing and no idea.

    Both Palestine and Islam generally have made it perfectly clear they will never accept any state of Israel regardless of deals, so how can there be any peace?

    The only solution is for everybody to smoke some pot and chill out and start getting along NOW. That’s never going to happen and neither is any lasting peace without a turn of leaf from Islam.

    Abbott is correct to state it as it is.

    1. So do I. If we quit feeding the ungrateful Palestinians, then maybe the PA would have to invest some of its terrorism budget in health and human services! Sounds revolutionary!

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