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The Australian Medical Association has become experts on gun control

The Australian Medical Association (AMA), has recently come out as experts on gun control and on how to reduce gun- related violence.  This was apparent when the AMA called for ownership restrictions to be tightened, and for the establishment of a real-time national firearms register.

However, despite its noble intentions, this organisation’s knowledge of policies counteracting gun violence is painstakingly limited.

Consider AMA President Michael Gannon’s recent comments.

Gannon first stated that there are many as 6 million illegal firearms in Australia. He then went on to say; “Restricting access to firearms reduces the risk of impulsive purchase and use of guns, and their use in intentional acts of violence, including suicide.”

Coming from an intelligent person, this seems a rather odd thing to say. As Gannon described a problem, and then responded to it with an illogical solution.

For how could imposing further legal restrictions on banned firearms, carry any weight in solving this diagnosed problem whatsoever?

Illegal firearms are already illegal. So any further legal action in this field would do nothing to solve the issue of the supposed 6 million illegal firearms across Australia.

And what chances could there possibly be of a person who already owned an illegal firearm, going on to register their gun with a national body?

These ideas put forward by the AMA are the equivalent of a doctor placing a band aid on a toe, for a patient experiencing problems with headaches.

Clearly, despite their intellect in other fields, on the subject of firearms, the AMA needs to learn a great deal more about common sense.

Or better yet, they should stick to commenting on areas they are qualified to. And instead of speculating on how to reduce the 60 something gun- related deaths a year, their energy could be better spent pondering the 18 000 who die annually from medical malpractice.

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