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One Nation seeking the populist rage

Much of what aided the popularity of Donald Trump and other comparable movements, was their rebellious anti- establishment and anti- government themes.

This concoction which has proved effective on numerous occasions, is now being employed by One Nation in targeting the excesses of pensions for politicians.

And rightly so. Politicians already earn a salary far and above average Australians, so it is unjust for ordinary people to feel a greater brunt in spending cuts, while politicians remain lavishly protected.

Should both major parties continue to dismiss these concerns of ordinary voters, One Nation will send massive populist shock waves across the upcoming WA and Queensland state elections.

“One Nation lashes ‘outrageous’ hypocrisy of pension cuts”, Australian Financial Review, December 29, 2016:

One Nation has accused the Turnbull government of “outrageous” hypocrisy for enacting immediate changes to the pension assets test and taper rate while allowing politician pensions to be cut back retrospectively.

One Nation pension spokesman NSW senator Brian Burston, who has warned that his increasingly popular party will be making pensions a major election issue, said it would also be pushing for changes to the generous parliamentarian super scheme to bring it down to around 9 per cent, in line with “community expectations”.

“It’s outrageous, it’s far too generous at 15.4 per cent, it’s tied to the public service superannuation scheme. Well make them all consistent with the ordinary Australian who is getting 9 per cent it should be brought back to that level,” he told The Australian Financial Review. .

“If they want to balance the budget they should look at their own [benefits]. That’s the feedback I’m getting on social media and phone calls, why don’t you cut your own and it’s a valid argument”…

2 thoughts on “One Nation seeking the populist rage

  1. Call it populism call it what you want, but they are correct.

    The fact that fat-cat Liberals can’t see the disgrace of paying MPs far and above what teachers get paid is bad enough, but to add the pensions on top of egregious expense accounts is disgusting.

    This is just the start. Let’s move in to there to why the head of the ABC is on $900,000. Then we can move through all the outrageous salaries and bonuses being paid by the workers for people who disdain them and don’t represent them.

    It’s just a shame that Abbott had his chance and did nothing but let Brownyn off with a slap before pinning a medal on Phillip. So the vote goes to Pauline I suppose.

    1. It’s one of these issues isn’t it where I’d estimate 99 % of non public servant citizens would believe the above situation to be entirely unreasonable. So for parties like one nation to come against rorts like this, will be hugely rewarding for their electoral prospects long term.

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