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My notes from Robert Spencer’s book

Recently, I read Robert Spencer’s much acclaimed ‘The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran’.

I made a few notes upon reading this book, and for both my own purpose and for others, I will publish these notes via this blog post.

Moreover, where possible, I encourage you all to go onto amazon, and buy this highly insightful book!


  • There is no Christian terrorist organisation that quotes Bible, which contrasts with the Koran and Islamist groups.
  • The Koran makes clear that it is the unalterable word of god as it is the ‘indisputable truth’ (Surah 69, verse 51)+ is ‘free from any flaw’ (39:28). Thus, the commandments of the Koran are eternally fresh and applicable, regardless of the condition that may be present.
  • This is why again and again, reformist movements have failed throughout Islamic history as it has been considered heresy to try to change Koran.
  • Grave doubts of teachings of Koran and legitimacy: Muhammad changed revelations and some accused him of forging them, Muhammad did not include Zaid on list as man who could develop Koran but he did anyway. Abdullah created his own Koran and changed Zaid’s, but then Aisha changed it.

Chapter 3/ 8:

  • Koran modifies many bible stories and Jesus along with various other prophets.
  • Jesus is human in Koran and is not a son of god. Jesus is not divine, he is a ‘slave of Allah’.
  • Muhammad passed Bible stories as new revelations from Allah and arguably forged them.
  • Islamic tradition presents itself as the correction of the errors of Christianity.

Chapter 4:

  • Supposedly, violent Muslim extremists are not following Koran.
  • All Muslims, regardless of if they know the Koran or not, are obligated to recite the Koran in Arabic.
  • Most Muslims worldwide recite the prayers from memory, as majority of Muslims worldwide cannot translate Arabic.
  • But why translate the Koran if translations are not regarded as being ‘legitimate’ by many Islamic apologists?
  • [IMPORTANT POINT] (2:119: states ‘persecution is worse than slaughter’ refers to Allah being more offended at people disbelieving in Islam/ Muslims disregarding orders than he was at slaughter. This was verse was revealed after Muhammad’s followers waged war and massacred non- Muslims during Ramadan, which was previously a period in which war was banned. This was a watershed moment in Islam as until Islamic law was established in a particular place, there was no room for morality. Islam was not idealistic dogma, was and is best for Muslims and Islam always comes first.
  • Islamic scholar Sayyid Qutb: “Islam maintains its own high moral principles but only when justice is established and wrongdoing is contained”.
  • Koran considered word of god, and thus slavery could not be challenged. This is why slavery only ended in the Western world when pressured by the West.

Chapter 6: Infidels:

  • People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are termed infidels.
  • Infidels aim to ‘spread mischief through the Earth’ (2: 205).
  • [IMPORTANT] Rejecting the signs and inviting others to disbelieve is regarding by Allah as being the worst possible crime. Worse than slavery, Muslim murderer, rapist etc. This is reflecting in (6:21) which states: ” And who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah a lie or denies his verses? Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed”.
  • This is why unbelievers will be off for an eternity in hell and shall only have boiling water to drink.

Chapter 7: Jews:

  • Jews are the fiercest of enemies.
  • Muhammad had hoped Jews would come to Islam, but they didn’t and this enraged him.
  • Once plan to peacefully convert Jews failed, Muhammad ordered Muslims to face Mecca instead of Jerusalem for prayers.
  • Ultimately, the Jews and the other people of the book were given three offers by Muhammed: to convert to Islam, pay the jizya, or face war.
  • Jews seen as scheming, treacherous liars and most dangerous enemies of Muslims.
  • In 2009 the grand sheikh of Al- Azhar condemned Jews as being evil.
  • Interestingly, the Koran alludes in some ways to the land of Israel being belonging to Jews.

Chapter 9: women:

  • Women’s legal testimony is half of that as a man (2:82).
  • men allowed up to 4 wives and allowed to take sex slaves.
  • Women receive less in divorces than men.
  • Marriage allowed to pre- pubescent girls (thanks to example of muhammad).
  • Polygamy sanctioned+ British government allowed men with multiple wives to gain further benefits.
  • Wife bashing also sanctioned.
  • To prove males have committed adultery 4 male witnesses are required to prove it. For males females cannot be trusted. Muhammad did also say that the majority of people he saw in hell were women.
  • Islamic divorce procedures “Shall apply to those who have not yet menstruated” (65:4).

Chapter 10: Koran and ‘non violence’:

  • Fighting in Islam is not optional.
  • Jihad can be argued to be defensive. But fighting against the aggression of unbelief can be considered ‘defensive jihad’.
  • The famous (9: 29), was revealed following Muhammad’s last expedition, and abrogated out all other previous commandments regarding jihad.
  • While Muhammad started out a peaceful man in Mecca, after coordinating the Hijrah to Medina and gaining further ground, he changed his tune to advocate for violence. He culminated his jihad in the violent takeover of Mecca.
  • Taqiyya also an important concept in jihad (3:28)
  • Those who fight rewarded by Allah (4:95).

Sharia for disbelievers:

  • The jizya tax imposed upon disbelievers, was aimed to bring people into poverty and to inflict misery. During past times of ‘peace’ in the Middle East, Christians lived under this second class status. They were never treated as equal.
  • [Important] The Pact of Umar (634-644) was an agreement between Caliph Umar and Christians. Became foundation of Islamic law, despite questionable historic authenticity. In return for safety and the status of protection, Christians were preventing from;
  • Building/ repairing places of worship.
  • Riding on horses, carry swords or collect weapons of any kind.
  • Inviting anyone to ‘shirk’ (disbelieving in Islam).
  • Disrespecting Muslims in anyway whatsoever. Christians were compelled to allow Muslims to sit in the places they choose (Jim Crow like).

Other horrendous verses in the Quran:

  • (9:29): fight disbelievers till they pay the jizya.
  • (47:4): Strike at their necks and cause a bloodbath among them.
  • (48:28): Islam brought to reign supreme.
  • (33:21): Muhammad model for emulation.
  • (4:3): Grab who your right hand possess.
  • (5:82): Jews are the fiercest of enemies.
  • (5:60): Jews are apes and pigs.

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