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Hizb- ut Tahrir rallies in Sydney

Some say that Islamic doctrine is incompatible with Australian culture and laws. I tend to agree.

“Hizb- ut Tahrir organises rally in Sydney’s west to protest bloodshed in Aleppo”,, 21 December, 2016:

AN EXTREMIST religious group held a rally in Sydney’s west last night, in which repeated calls were made for global Islamic rule.

The radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir organised the protest, which was promoted on social media and held in Lakemba Memorial Park.

“Aleppo has been devastated beyond words as the world watches in silence,” the Facebook event reads. “American political manoeuvres, Russian barrel bombs and Iranian mercenaries have assisted Assad’s brutality against innocent men, women and children, sparing not even the injured in hospitals. The regimes of surrounding Muslim lands have also been complicit.

“It is time to break the silence and raise our voice for Aleppo and Syria at large.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a pan-Islamic global organisation that says it “works globally to resume the Islamic way of life through the establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) in the Muslim world”.

Women carried bloodstained baby dolls in protest of Aleppo.Source:News Corp Australia

At the rally, protesters held signs declaring “The Axis of Evil: Russia, Iran, Syria, USA”, as they called for an end to the Russian-backed Assad regime in Syria. Women held bloodstained baby dolls.

But the rally was also used as an opportunity to express support for a global Islamic caliphate, which is one of the main goals of terror group Islamic State.

During the protest, a speaker addresses the crowd calling on fellow Muslims to reject the “tyrants” of the west.

“The path before us needs to be clear, to construct a solid independent path built solely upon Islam, built solely upon Islam to the exclusion of everything else,” he shouted.

“The greatest crime is that after all this blood, all these tears, all of this destruction … something other than the flag of Islam is raised high above the Muslims. That is the greatest crime.”

He acknowledged that the protesters were speaking from isolated Australia, but said it was still relevant based on a duty to “aid” fellow Muslims.

“I understand that we are gathered in Sydney, in Australia, and we speak in relative comfort. We make no pretences to that fact.

“But we consider ourselves part of one ummah, and ironically the privileges that we enjoy, the freedoms that we may have, the wealth we may enjoy … brothers and sisters, this will all count against you on the day of judgment if it’s not used in the service of Allah.”…

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