Anti-White sentiment

Open anti- white sentiment

In this era of tolerance, the only group that can be acceptably be ridiculed, criticized and mocked based on racial origins, are white people.

Routinely, the customs and norms of white people are openly derided in public spheres, while minorities remain sacred cows.

Any criticism of minority ethnic groups is instantly regarded as racist, while the taunts aimed at white people are seldom taken seriously.

In fact, being a white, heterosexual male, means that you have no noted victim card to call upon in political debate. It is also difficult if not impossible, for a person to be racist, bigoted or hateful in their behaviour towards you.

Am I saying that white people are some sort of persecuted minority? No.

Am I saying that the historic maltreatment of ethnic minorities was insignificant? No.

Or am I arguing that the slurs directed towards white people should be disallowed by law? No.

But in a time in which we pride ourselves upon safe spaces and consideration of people’s feelings, it is hypocritical to express false outrage when one group is attacked, yet entirely ignore the plight of another.

It is equally inconsistent and wrong, to perennially dismiss the concerns of white men as being mansplaining or white privilege, when there have been deadly consequences.

I will be following up for more on this topic shortly, so stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Open anti- white sentiment

  1. You’re confusing prejudice with racism. They are not the same word. White people are in power, create the legislation and enforce the legislation. It is physically impossible to for anti-white “racism” to exist in our current state. Anti-white prejudice is definitely a thing, and well earned by the white ruling class. We’re simply reaping what we sowed.

    As to Patrice’s graph above, rich white elites have sold poor whites the snake oil that has destroyed worker’s rights, Unions and healthcare in America. Increased labor hours for less pay and less healthcare, combined with less vacation and free time in general are the reasons for white’s decline in life span. “Stress” is the number one killer in America. One must ask themselves, who busted the unions? Who keeps fighting for less social benefits for the working class? Who benefits from increased healthcare costs in the US? There’s a new Conservative Kleptocracy in America and it’s ruled by corporations, not the people.

    1. Well thankyou michael sullivan for your comment. I must say I disagree with your description. Regardless, my response will be long, so I think ill put it into my next post. Thankyou!

  2. Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    Everyone can hear about conservative anti-black racism, anti-Muslim racism (even though Islam is a political ideology, not a race), but anti-white racism is fairly extant and strong, particularly in progressive circles, yet it is hardly ever talked about.

  3. I don’t think that there would be an anti-white sentiment against white people, if there had not first been an anti-[enter minority race here] sentiment to begin with. I simply don’t think there is an anti-white sentiment. During times of oppression, when minorities were not as outspoken and forthright, was there an anti-white sentiment, then? I think not. I think this post is a bit closed-minded and oblivious to the bigger picture, dealing with race.

    1. In the video a lady said, “some of you are great some of you are not”, there’s the objectivity and simply a fact. The same can be said about minorities.Other people talk about things that have really happened this year. Also… This is a video from MTV, they do not represent a large portion of American views(even though some of there points were valid)

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