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The legacy of Angelo Merkel

There was plenty of discussion in response to the earlier terrorist attack in Germany, in which a truck plowed into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12.

However, as this terrorist incident was thought to have been committed by a Pakistani refugee, Nigel Farage’s description of the events as being the ‘legacy’ of Angelo Merkel, appears most fitting.

Remember back in August 2015, when Germany opened the floodgates to all Syrian asylum seekers?

Led by Angelo Merkel, millions of Muslims poured into Germany, with no thought, reason or plan as to how these refugees from all corners of the Middle East would eventually integrate.

But how were us opponents of that reckless plan treated at the time?

Despite raising reasonable concerns regarding security, we were generally described as being racist, stupid, bigoted and ignorant.

Angelo Merkel even took a selfie with Syrian refugees, to publicly showcase her and the refugee lobby’s insurmountable tolerance.

We were regarded as nothing more than heartless individuals, up against the unprejudiced and broad- minded Left.

While the tragic nature of the present circumstances provides me with no pleasure, hindsight has proved that the real ‘ignorant’ individuals, were those who radically relinquished their country to a hostile foreign enemy.

This is not to state that well- intentioned refugees are a problem, but unfortunately, too many would- be jihadists were able to shelter themselves amongst this mix.

Aside from Islamist terror attacks, increasing lawlessness, harassment of women, decreased turnout to festive occasions as well as censorship, are all part and parcel of this transformed Germany.

Clearly, these escalations in tensions all trace back to Merkel’s unchecked intake of millions of Muslim migrants over such a short period.

So whether you like Angelo Merkel or not, these drastic changes to Germany that occurred under her leadership, must be considered as part of her legacy.

It is interesting to note that Merkel has since alluded to her 2015 migration policies as being a mistake, and has recently proposed banning the burqa.

Yet this is the same leader that in 2010, while it was politically fashionable, claimed that multiculturalism had ‘utterly failed’.

If Merkel truly had an ounce of virtue and believed in the worth of what she said, she would not have heedlessly sent Germany towards its demographic cliff in the first place.

These recent calls are nothing more than political strategies aimed at quelling the rise of populism, rather than genuinely seeking to protect the German people.

And this is exactly what Angelo Merkel’s legacy should be deemed 50 years from now: a pure political operator who prioritized the interests of outsiders and her own career, above the safety of her own people.

2 thoughts on “The legacy of Angelo Merkel

  1. That’s the spirit of Hitler coming back to haunt us. She’s the one who caused Germany their pride and nationalism by allowing millions of illegal immigrants swarm into the country. She rose the crime rate more than 50% thanks to these vermin who can’t assimilate to any culture without committing excessive amount of crimes. It’s become a nightmare. We need peace back in Germany. What happen to all the German men? They completely disappeared.

    1. It’s a shame because I think guilt underpins this and yet all countries have done something wrong in their past. It shouldn’t weigh done Germany forever. Thanks for your comment!

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