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Why the death penalty for Islamic terrorists makes sense


Owing to their insipid knowledge of Islam, our law makers often adopt poor counter terrorism policies.

George Christensen and the senators of One Nation, are perhaps the only reasonable voices amidst our Islam- illiterate politicians.

But when considering the nature of Islam and its relationship with terrorism, the best possible punishment for convicted Islamic terrorists, is the death penalty.

For ordinary non-Muslim Australians, a life jail sentence for convicted terrorists might seem enough.

However, this is an inadequate response until the ideology of Islam is fully considered.

Islam as according to the 4 major schools of Sunni jurisprudence, as well as the world famous Al- Azhar university, all agree on the notion of jihad and in waging warfare against disbelievers.

These particular orders are set forward in the verses of the Quran, in Surah verses 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, among others.

Crucially, the Quran is universally believed to be the literal word of Allah, and the violent verses aren’t just unfortunate passages; they are explicit instructions to the followers of Islam.

And in return for performing acts of jihad, Allah rewards Muslims with a special place in heaven, supposedly in the company of 72 virgin women.

This is the clear and established context, under which Muslims seek to carry out acts of terror.

Sometimes I imagine how I’d respond if I fully believed the Quran to be the literal word of God.

If I believed that God, the all- encompassing creator of the universe, wanted me to kill non- Muslims and in return I would receive his validation and great prizes, then I might commit acts of jihad myself.

How can we ever hope to punish Muslims through our prison system, or to effectively rehabilitate them through anti- radicalization programs, once they have already come to their firm and unwavering belief in Islamic theology?

In truth, no terrorist who is definitely certain in their religious convictions, can ever be realistically hoped to change their views.

We can throw whatever money we like to aid these people, we can even construct a delightfully presented narrative, but no message can ever hope to consistently trump firmly held Islamic beliefs.

Sure, there might be the occasional teenager who could change their minds about the insanity of their views, but this would be the exception rather than the rule.

That Islamists across the West use prisons as a hunting ground for proselytism, further indicates the unalterable bond between radical Muslims and particular instructions of the Quran.

So the question of capital punishment for convicted Islamic terrorists, should be a clear equation.

It should come down to whether or not our nation is willing to sustain the lives of hundreds of Islamic terrorists who disdain our country, while costing tax payers some $100 000 per prisoner per annum.

Regardless, when assessing the scope of the jihad which wages against our nation (often due to our country generously opening its heart to humanitarian Muslim immigration), this should be relatively straightforward response.

The death penalty should be reinstated for convicted Islamic terrorists, as their crimes do not warrant our country continuing their worthless lives.

Not all criminals are irredeemable, but the ideology of Islam makes capital punishment the only worthy penalty for this type.

Of course the Greens and other outrage activists would cry foul at such a proposal.

But if these terrorists truly believe that their actions will bestow upon them rewards in heaven, then why not speed up the process?

In the interests of these terrorists and in our own, we should reinstate the death penalty.

Moreover, whilst staying within the realms of the law, we should never be intimidated nor infringed, by broader morality when combating an enemy that knows none.

7 thoughts on “Why the death penalty for Islamic terrorists makes sense

  1. Presumably the AussieConservative has differing standards for Irish Republican(and for all I know so-called “Loyalist”) terrorists than it does for Islamic terrorists! It’s not rocket science- the former look like the boy/girl next door rather than swarthy Middle Eastern natives!

    1. Well IRA terrorists, and other terrorists for that matter are hardly influential in Australia. But even if they were, the Islamic promise of martydom sets it apart from other violent causes. However, I would certainly be open to sentencing other terrorists to the death penalty.

    1. Well, I’ve heard that some people in intelligence suggest ‘killing off’ entire families in the radical world. Not only the perp but his/her entire family. I’m not sure I can completely agree with that. I think education and enlightenment is the key. Most of these folks are brainwashed when radicalized. There are some that come to the senses.

  2. As a Christian, I oppose the death penalty. I know many Christians disagree with me on this, and they can point to passages in scripture to support their point of view.

    I have witnessed outsiders come up with a convincing condemnation of my religion, siting selected passages from the Bible and the behavior of some Christian sects. In fact, I am horrified by what some Christians believe, but I know that my religion is not defined by them. Similarly, I know Muslims who are horrified by the beliefs and actions of some who claim to act in the name of Islam.

    Finally, do you really think that martyring violent jihadists is a good way to stamp out this form of religious extremism?

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