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The hypocrisy of Obama and Clinton

Remember back in October, when Hillary Clinton described Donald Trump’s potential to dispute the election result as a ‘direct threat to our democracy?

Or remember when President Obama said that Americans should ‘reconcile themselves’ with a Trump Presidency, and accept the results of the election?

However, as has consistently been the case with these 2 career politicians, their hopeful assertions are tantamount to worthless platitudes.

Since their messages of optimism for the American people, they have switched to subtly, yet clearly, act to undermine Donald Trump’s upcoming Presidency.

First, Hillary Clinton represented by Jill Stein, led conspicuous voting recount efforts in swing states, which amounted to no substantial change in voting tallies.

And now, President Obama has ordered a review of ‘Russian hacking’ that purportedly influenced the US election.

These last ditch efforts from 2 outdated, unpopular breeds of politician, demonstrate their incredible hypocrisy when considering past rhetoric.

But what chance can President- elect Trump have to effectively serve, while the current President and former first lady is actively undermining his legitimacy?

Perhaps he will rise above these obstacles, but the actions of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, are certainly not helping to heal divides across America.

Whilst there has been some loose talk of faithless electors, even with these recent investigations into Russian hacking, the electoral college still appears likely to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

However, the classless, undignified legacy of this Democratic establishment, remains hardly in doubt.

6 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of Obama and Clinton

  1. Obviously this is very partisan. I see where you are going with Hillary Clinton. There is a hypocrisy there relating to affecting the election and giving it to Trump. However, to assert that President Obama is looking into “known and verified” Russian hacking (as NSA Chief Clapper concluded) is false and dangerous.

    Already, conservatives such as McCain, Graham, McConnell and Rubio all say that an investigation MUST be done in Congress.

    As Michael Morrell (former CIA top official) said, this is the Cyber equivalent to our 9-11.

    Americans of all stripes need to come together and stop putting their red and blue Jerseys on for every issue. We are Americans first and the only responsible thing to do is to protect us from foreign hostiles.


    1. McCain and Rubio are neocon hacks any way clambering for a war with Russia. They never liked trump from the start either. We’l see what the results are but there are many doubts over this ‘investigation’.

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