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The woeful inaction of German authorities

“Leaked document says 2000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve”, Washington Post, July 11, 2016:

At first, there was complete silence from officials. As rumors spread on social media, police had nothing to say about allegations of mass sexual assaults and other crimes carried out on New Year’s Eve in the German city of Cologne.

It was only days later that officials reported that hundreds of women were victims of assault in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities.

But numbers that are now emerging are likely to shock a country still coming to terms with what happened in Cologne more than half a year ago. According to a leaked police document, published by Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitungnewspaper and broadcasters NDR and WDR, the previous estimates have to be dramatically revised — upward.

Authorities now think that on New Year’s Eve, more than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted in various German cities, including more than 600 in Cologne and about 400 in Hamburg.

More than 2,000 men were allegedly involved, and 120 suspects — about half of them foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany — have been identified.

Only four have been convicted, but more trials are underway.

On Thursday, a court in Cologne sentenced two men in the New Year’s Eve assaults. Hussein A., a 21-year-old Iraqi, and Hassan T., a 26-year-old Algerian, were handed suspended one-year sentences. Both arrived in Germany in the past two years, a court spokesman said. He declined to specify whether the two had sought asylum…

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  1. Great article. Clearly ISIS have evolved their tactics from guerrilla to gang tactics with horrific consequences for everyday people. Unfortunately, there’s no negligence here. ISIS are the “unofficial” shock troops for Leftists who want to keep the working class. No need to pass legislation taking away our rights when you have an imported gang who can take away the basic right of freedom of movement. No need to concoct even more repressive anti-economic regulations when you paralyze the economy with random knife attacks at malls and universities. Merkel and her allies are doing and getting exactly what they want. Hence the cover up of what actually happened on New Year’s Eve

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