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The problem of oversensitive Trump supporters

Much of what made Donald Trump’s campaign so great were his promises to repudiate political correctness and the hypersensitivities of the modern generation.

The hysterical reaction from generation snowflake in response to his victory, is one I will cherish for years to come.

Given we all laugh when the Social Justice Warrior’s frenzied outcries come to the forefront, comparably ridiculous outbursts from Trump supporters should also be criticized.

So if there any Trump supporters who refuse to acknowledge genuine humor and subsequently condemn the following segment, these people are nothing more than hypocritical, petulant babies who quickly require growing up.

9 thoughts on “The problem of oversensitive Trump supporters

  1. Critical part:

    Much of what made Donald Trump’s campaign so great were his promises

    Please explain when any of these assholes ever told us the truth and kept a promise?

    1. Yeah all politicians are like that to an extent.

      I have been voting in American POTUS elections since 1980. Please name just one that held his promises without bowing to the jew (proving the lie). Trump is no different and probably worse.

  2. You Trumpies are all excited about escaping from “political correctness and the hypersensitivities of the modern generation”, but let Hillary use the word “deplorable”
    and suddenly you are all shocked that she could be so insulting.

    I agree that protesting the peaceful transfer of power is pointless and counter-productive. However, when white nationalists celebrate their victories with “Hail, Trump” and Nazi salutes, ( ) it is time for those of us who cherish our hard won civil liberties to become vigilant.

  3. I agree. Of course the routine in this episode that most irritated supporters was the short ‘Through Donald’s Eyes”, a POV skit where he sees himself in the mirror as pro wrestler John Cena, has huge, oversized hands, and hears only words like “landslide” and “winning” in addition to his name. He ends up dancing romantically with himself.

    Satire’s valuable to our sanity. The ability to make fun of our leaders is a strength.

    1. I agree and it is a strength of other western countries including my own. Trump and whichever of his supporters who advocate that narrative are hypocrites in this respect and should stop.

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