Islam in Australia

Islamic Supremacy through cartoons?


The President of the National Imam’s Council, Sheikh Shady, is seeking Muslim funding for Islamic cartoons produced by One4Kids, as an alternative to Peppa Pig.

According to the Sheikh, Islamic cartoons are required because; “Muslims are averaging much higher birthrates” and “it’s our responsibility not to stop them from watching but give them another alternative”.

Viewing these comments in isolation, a new Islamic- styled  set of cartoons seem reasonable enough.

However, the morally dubious background of the Sheikh as were revealed in the aftermath of Canberra Itfar dinner, are enough to raise some eyebrows.

Further, the fact that this Sheikh still maintains any legitimacy whatsoever, paints a dark picture of the Muslim community.

Comments from the director of the One4Kids program, who described Australian cartoons as not teaching children ‘the best things they need to learn’, act to clarify the intentions of these new cartoons.

This initiative is not about ‘diversity’ or about multiculturalism ‘enriching our society’.

Rather, this is the latest attempt from the Australian Muslim community, to actively resist the course of integration. As I discussed in my eBook, generic Muslim leaders avoid interaction with the wider community where possible, creating gulfs between the Muslim and non- Muslim population.

Moreover, these proposed Islamic cartoons are merely the Muslim community’s latest attempt, to proclaim Islamic supremacy over Australian culture.

In place of the old adage: when in Rome, do as the Romans do, Islam instead aims to struggle against the existing laws and norms of a non- Muslim country.

Thus, these cartoons are simply the latest installment in Islam’s broader quest: to present Islam as a viable alternative to the ideas and norms of middle Australia, and once enough support is gained, to ultimately dismantle this cultural establishment.

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