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Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets

Anyone who doubts that Islamic terrorism is having an adverse impact on European culture, needs to check themselves.

“Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets”, Breitbart, October 4, 2016:

The world’s biggest beer festival has recorded its lowest turnout for 15 years amid heightened security fears, while at the same time experiencing an increase in reported sex crimes.

The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany had around 5.6 million visitors this year, down 300,000 since last year and the lowest number since just after the September 11th 2001 terror attacks, according to FAZ.

The drop in the number of attendees follows a series of attacks in the German state of Bavaria.

In July, German-Iranian student David Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree in Munich, killing nine people at a shopping centre before turning the gun on himself.

In the same week, an Afghan migrant attacked a train in Würzburg with an axe, injuring at least four people, and a failed asylum seeker blew himself up at a bar in the town of Ansbach, injuring 12 people and killing himself.

However, despite an overall fall in crime at the festival, the number of reported sex crimes increased this year from 21 to 31.

The group “Safer Wiesn for Girls and Woman” also said 215 women came to security checkpoints for help this year compared to 197 last year, of whom 18 reported suffering violence.

A number of large-scale public events have reported an increase in sexual assaults since the massive influx of migrants began entering Europe last year.

The most notorious example was the New Year’s Eve attacks in the German city of Cologne, in which gangs of mainly North African migrants committed mass sexual assaults against women revellers.

Police received over 1,500 complaints of sexual assault, mugging, pickpocketing and even rape, although it took the local government six months to admit the majority of perpetrators were recently arrived migrants.

Figures showed that 70 per cent of the suspects had been in Germany for less than a year, despite repeated denial by authorities.

6 thoughts on “Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets

  1. Whilst those statistics are true it’s misleading to say sex crimes ‘soar as attendance plummets’. 5.6 million attending in my books it still an enormous number even if it is down 300,000. Furthermore, whilst the number of sex crimes increasing from 21 to 31 is certainly not good, I would not consider it to have ‘soared’. Considering 5.6 million people attended and it is a music festival where significant amounts of alcohol is consumed im quite frankly surprised how low it is.

  2. Thanks for the post.

    It is good to see an example of a schism between Alex Jones and BB. If I am not mistaken Alex suggested that Oktoberfest had been cancelled. Don’t get me wrong, I think Alex puts out some good stuff but he is also disingenuous at times it would seem.

    Either way, what is happening in Germany? It must be due to a complete cultural self-loathing that the Germans would be enduring this?

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