Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

Holden builds its last engine

One of the last remnants of Australian car production has been terminated, after Holden ended its 68 years of engine manufacturing in Australia.

Reportedly, the company has stockpiled V6 engines so it can continue to assemble vehicles in its plant near Adelaide, before this too closes next year.

Once this occurs, the final nail in the coffin of Australia’s iconic car manufacturer, will be complete.

While this process is virtually concluded, Australians will soon come to entirely rely on foreign producers for their cars.

As consequence, our country will be at the bidding of potentially unfriendly foreign powers, for access to basic modes of transport.

Clearly, questions must be raised. It should be asked; at what point does this cult of extreme economic liberalism end?

Will it be when all manufacturing leaves Australia?

Or will it be when further industries leave the nation, due to debilitating domestic factors and unfavourable trading policies?

For some this is a sad period and so it should be.

Moreover, this pattern of deindustrialization, will continue so long as our leaders lack a competitive instinct towards jobs as exists in China, Japan and Germany.

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