Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Why an apologist argument to the Ohio attack is fallacious


As I reported on earlier today, a terrorist attack occurred in Ohio State University in which a Somali refugee ran into pedestrians with his car, and then proceeded to continue the attack using a knife. Luckily, a police officer was near the scene, and shot the terrorist dead before more damage could be inflicted.

However, I predict that Islamopologist Leftists are already salivating at the justification the refugee seemingly gave.

In a Facebook post, the refugee who went by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan, wrote: “I am sick and tired of seeing [Muslims] killed & tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore.”

In another post, he proclaimed; “I wanted to pray in the open, but I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be.”

If this reasoning were to be taken literally and in isolation, one would establish the West as the founder of all the world’s problems, and this terrorist would be validated in his actions.

Given this, I imagine the Left will dishonestly utilize these quotes to reinforce their arguments for ‘Islam being a religion of peace’ and terrorist attacks ‘knowing no religion’.

However, this grievance- based rationale is problematic for several reasons.

First, what seemed to partially upset Artan in this occasion, was his perception of real and /or exaggerated crimes being committed against his fellow Muslims. This close relationship between Artan and Muslims worldwide, clearly demonstrates how Islam acts as a supranational, transcendent ideology, regardless of him living in America. Moreover, this idea of a shared allegiance among Muslims despite differing nationalities and ethnicities, is derived from the teachings of Islam.

Second, if Artan truly was subject to a unique and unrivalled form of discrimination prior to his terrorist act, what of the persecution endured by Jews? Across the Western world, there are far higher instances of anti- Semitism than Islamophobia. But do you ever hear of Jewish people attacking innocent bystanders due to personal grievances they face?

And third, how could it be justified for Artan to commit a terrorist act, when he was himself a refugee? Out of the kindness of its heart, America allowed Artan to escape into a free country where civil and political rights were guaranteed. This terrorist would have also received all the welfare benefits that come in the United States, which would have certainly not existed in his native Somalia. But how could this American generosity, be reasonably considered an act of animosity?

Islamic apologism pursued in any circumstance is a dangerous thing, as so long as it exists, we are ill- equipped to combat our radical enemy.

Therefore, such rhetoric should be fairly dissected and diminished where possible.

As this post concerns Islamopologist tendencies, it appears fitting to make the following announcement: my next eBook will be released early in the new year.

This eBook will aim to clinically dismantle the numerous Islamopologist myths, that continue to prevail about the’religion of peace’.

Further details will emerge as the date nears closer but for now, best wishes and happy blogging.





4 thoughts on “Why an apologist argument to the Ohio attack is fallacious

  1. This apologist stuff is the iron fist of the velvet Progressive glove.

    Christians (and lapsed Christians) are continually being worked to extend their self-reflection to self doubt, and via mockery their self-doubt to self-loathing.

    I was reminded of this last night at the Anglican school Christmas concert. A grade 6 ensemble played John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas”, which is a total insult to any thinking, feeling Christian and a complete working of Christian guilt against the institution itself, and by extension Western culture (no doubt largely at his Communist wife Yoko’s urging) .

    The Socialists have generally been very successful with this technique of getting Christians to use their values and emotions against their own institutions, and themselves. It was so sad to see that the parents couldn’t even stand up and sing “Jingle Bells” as if they were internally battling some great shame. Such is the success the apologists have had in getting Christians to abdicate their institutions and openly mock their own traditions. Cynicism and despair has replaced a message of love and hope in human potential.

    The West needs to salvage it’s core values and pride in it’s history (yes there have been bad patches but we can learn and do better), or it will drown in the muck of constant attack from it’s greatest enemies, those who are within not without.

  2. We’ve seen this game before. Islamist proclaims love for Allah (The God of Peace….ha), proceeds to declare West as Satan, kills westerners, goes to meet his 70 virgins, we foolishly look for reasons we caused this. And now, batting for Islam….Mohammad what’s his name.

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