Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives

A few hours ago Cuban state TV announced that its former leader, Fidel Castro, has died at 90 years of age.

Obviously, Castro was a polarising figure, with opinion divided over whether he was a tyrant, or a hero.

To my mind, Castro was no saint, and should not be worthy of excessive endearments nor affectionate eulogies.

However, we live in an age of information, and facts will inevitably establish Castro’s legacy and worth.

Rather than outline my own conclusion as to Fidel Castro’s impact as Cuban leader, as a conservative, I would like to offer some sincere advice for fellow conservatives in the wake of Castro’s death, especially as some Castro opponents have started publicly rejoicing:

I understand some of you are happy that a villain has left this earth. Some, particularly Cuban migrants to the United States, have been jovial and even celebrating on the streets.

I do certainly understand both distaste for Castro as a leader and why some might be satisfied with his passing.

But I urge any of you who might wish to celebrate Castro’s death, particularly in public demonstrations, to reconsider your actions.

There will come a time, when all of us on earth will pass into the dark abyss of death. Some might have theories on what happens to us after we die, but no one knows the true consequences of this fate.

Considering this, irrespective of someone’s sins, the public lauding of a person’s death, bodes regrettable omens.

Sooner or later, we will all reach our day of judgement. However, to revel over a person’s death is an ugly and irremovable character stain, and should be avoided where possible.

Likewise, the right is normally on the decent side of cultural issues and displays. We saw the disgusting displays worldwide following Margaret Thatcher’s death, in which the regressive left showcased its absolute worst.

Hence, us conservatives should seek to differentiate from this despicable behaviour, and no matter our opposition to Fidel Castro and the Cuban regime, we should not be drawn into gloating over the corpse of a dead man.


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11 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives

  1. Castro is a lightning rod.

    One group of people see him as the leader of an ideology that holds Socialism is the necessary bulwark against the ravages of unbridled Capitalism. Another group see him as living proof that Capitalism is a necessary bulwark against the tyranny of Socialist Dictatorship.

    I can’t imagine much use will come from any conversation of Castro as he completely polarizes most people. Perhaps now is simply a suitable time to observe who is on what side?

  2. I’m a committed lefty, recovering libertarian, and an atheist. I can completely concur It is distasteful at best and patently dehumanizing to rejoice over anyone’s death. That being the ultimate fate for all of us, you might think it would be at least something of a unifier.

    That said, there is no reason to sugar coat things either. Whatever your thoughts on socialism, and whatever your thoughts on some very real positive policies in Cuba, a dictator is a dictator, murder is murder, and abuse is abuse. Fidal Castor was guilty of all of these things.

    People are people, and there is no one among us who is wholly evil or absolutely good, to pretend that any of us is robs us of both lessons and humanity.

  3. Tubularsock always liked Fidel mostly because he gave the finger to the U.S.

    True he wasn’t the nicest fellow in the pantheon of world leaders but not much worse either. Overthrowing fucking Batista, who was a brutal dictator supported by the U.S. was a plus.

    Now if Batista and the U.S. had really been interested in democracy having Fidel disrupt that then one would have an argument for taking him out.

    But that wasn’t the reality. ALL dictators supported by the U.S. in Latin America were put in place to exploit the people so the U.S. could control their natural resources. And it is still the case today.

    This bull shit “helping the people achieve democracy” is just another attempt to put people in bondage. The U.S. has practiced this method throughout the world!

    That is what the Monroe Doctrine was all about …. subjugation for profit! Fuck that!

    So this entire time the U.S. could have traded with Cuba and been an economic partner with the Cuban government and by this time Cuba would have emulated the U.S.’s example and shifted by American example.

    But because the U.S. is a backdoor colonialist, our approach is one of aggression rather than cooperation. Too bad.

    The overjoy of Castro’s death is a pointless gesture but Fidel really doesn’t care. Tubularsock has heard that Commie-Heaven ever serves Cuban cigars.


    1. Didn’t expect that we’d agree on Castro, AC but Tubularsock does find points of agreement within your work here and enjoy your blog even if I don’t agree. Thanks for your response.

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