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CEO refuses to do business with Trump supporters

If this prejudiced treatment were ever dealt to blacks or progressive voters, a furious reaction would follow.

But as this boycott is affecting predominantly white Trump supporters, what’s there to be concerned about?


2 thoughts on “CEO refuses to do business with Trump supporters

  1. It’s not about the supporters, it is to make a point about Trump. Who, if you recall, continually affronted human dignity throughout his campaign: bragging about grabbing women’s genitals, wanting to entirely ban a religion from the country, calling Hispanics rapists, suggesting the shooting of his opponent, etc. The point is that Trump must be repudiated, not normalized. His behavior is not OK and the point need to be made.

    1. Then wouldn’t you boycott trump himself? Boycotting trump supporters is plain foolish. And these sort of actions reinforce why people voted for trump: the left just don’t get it and people wanted to pull off as michael moore described it ‘the biggest fuck you in political history’ just to hurt this outrage machine.

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