Transgenderism shows our decadence

For any who doubt that transgenderism is a symptom of Western decadence, consider the below link to a sex change regret website.

While facts are often drowned out by the PC establishment, when considering that most transgender individuals ultimately lose related feelings, and many report similar physiological issues following sex- change surgery as existed before the surgery, this movement is a fallacious, shameful scam which must be brought to a halt.

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12 thoughts on “Transgenderism shows our decadence

  1. For the sake of being objective, will you not post a NON regret website of people who stopped trying to kill themselves because they couldn’t transition? For the record? It’s not a sex change. It is Gender Confirmation surgery. That’s not being “PC”. IT is being correct in the use of the proper term.

    1. Hmm. I’m not trying to say that there is no one who feels better after the surgery. I’m just saying the surgery is often not what it is made out to me. The problem is we sell people into often believing it is something it’s not. It is certainly the status quo to celebrate those who have the surgery: just look at Caitlin Jenner. So all I’m doing is offering a different perspective to the mainstream, what is so wrong with that?

    2. What I am concerned about is confusing young minds and teaching them propaganda. Then putting them in a place where they feel they have to mutilate themselves to feel better. That is wrong. It wasn’t all that long ago that gender dysphoria was considered a mental illness. And don’t get me started on the Marxists who claim that gender is entirely a social construction. Surely you couldn’t claim this?

    3. Perhaps you should check out some suicide and self harm statistics for the transgender community, who have been forced by prejudice and hate crime, into hiding. I mean REALLY look at it. You prefaced your article with a picture of Conchita Wurst, a gay cross dressing male who identifies as male to base your post on. Not what I would call “bang on”. I agree that gender IS a social construct. Show me proof that it isn’t. Religion could be said to be a social construct, as well, but Christianity is alive and well, is it not? You never answered my question, though. Where are the complete statistics?

    4. There are statistics on that site I thought. But if not I can find a few tomorrow morning as it’s pretty late here in WA. I just think to say that gender is wholly a social construct is plain stupid. Men and girls have basic innate physical differences. Then how can you conclude that they have zero differences in physiological and mental terms? But let’s get to what really concerns me. Transgenderism I think is unfortunate. But what bothers me as that in Australia, we have a school program decided by an avowed Marxist, who is promoting sexual and gender fluidity to kids. She has even admitted it is social engineering. This is the sort of stuff I am especially against this type of preying on young minds. Now should this be permissible to you?

    5. For the purpose of evaluating whether sex reassignment is an effective treatment for gender dysphoria, it is reasonable to compare reported gender dysphoria pre and post treatment. Such studies have been conducted either prospectively or retrospectively, and suggest that sex reassignment of transsexual persons improves quality of life and gender dysphoria.

      Indeed, another Swedish study in 2009 found that 95 percent of individuals who transitioned report positive life outcomes as a result.

    6. There is a huge difference between using incorrect, self-promoting “facts” that you sought out with someone like me pointing it out, and shaming you. If you were truly shamed, you would have posted the positive as well, along with the proper terminology, wouldn’t you?
      What you should feel shamed about is promoting this sort of incorrect, prejudicial tripe based on your own ignorance to make a buck.

    7. oh, and for your education, Conchita Wurst does not identify as trans. “Cross dresser” is the correct demographic and is the term they use to self-identify,much like your use of”conservative”…

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