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Why Australia should designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation

If the United States were to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, our politicians could do worse than follow suit.

A review of Australia’s counter- terrorism legislation reveals just how far defining both the Muslim Brotherhood and their offshoot group Hamas as designated terrorist organisations, could go towards hindering the global ambitions of political Islam.

This is reflected in division 103, subsection 1 of the 1995 Criminal Code.

According to to this section, a person commits an offence in financing terrorism if:

(a)  the person provides or collects funds; and

(b)  the person is reckless as to whether the funds will be used to facilitate or engage in a terrorist act.

Clearly, if our government were to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, there would be enormous ramifications for our purportedly ‘moderate’ Australian Muslim organisations.

We already know that major Australian halal certifiers, donate to phony Muslim charities such as Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid, who pass on their funds to support Hamas.

Even if as according to the Criminal Code, the “person is reckless as to whether the funds will be used to facilitate or engage in a terrorist act,” this mandates a breach, of which the proscribed punishment is life imprisonment.

Furthermore, division 103 subsection 2 of the Code states that a person can be found guilty of financing a terrorist organisation, even if the funds are not “used to facilitate or engage in a specific terrorist act”.

This is a genuinely broad range of powers, as any person reckless in passing on funds that end up in the hands of terrorist organisations, even if the capital is not specifically used for terrorist activities, can also face imprisonment for life under the existing legislative powers.

If the Brotherhood were designated a terrorist organisation, at a bare minimum, this would almost immediately stop the flow of Australian capital to Hamas terrorists.

Likewise, such a move would finally expose the fraudulent nature of the Halal certification industry, and subsequently decimate Muslim organisations by jailing those complicit in this unscrupulous practice.

Likewise, the network of Islamic schools, mosques and centres that run counter to Australian value systems, would be ravaged if the Halal industry was diminished.

With mainstream Islamic organisations under the intense eye of public scrutiny, it would also be likely for the deceitful ‘anti- radicalization’ programs carried out by Muslim groups, to be federally defunded.

Evidently, the current legal powers are more than adequate in their capacity to weaken Islamist groups.

All that is left is for common sense to prevail in designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, and we could substantially harm the Islamist cause.

Hopefully, should a Trump administration proceed with such action, pressure would build for a similar response to be taken here.

But must we wait to reach this conclusion?

Whether we examine Hamas’ genocidal, anti- Jew founding document, the group’s brutal attacks on Israeli citizens, or the cowardly use of civilian areas and human shields to further their political and militaristic ambitions, the conclusion remains the same.

By the definition of any freedom- loving society, Hamas and by association the Muslim Brotherhood, through their savage tactics and apocalyptic mission of creating a global Islamic State, fulfills the necessary conditions of a terrorist organisation.

Unequivocally, our country’s leaders should proceed to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation.

If such action was achieved, and then replicated throughout the Western world, it could quite possibly be the greatest blow to the Islamic ideology, since the collapse of the Ottoman empire in 1922.

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