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The truth isn’t always pretty

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has again said something right about Australian refugee policy, and once more this has upset the cultural elite.

Speaking on Sky News to Andrew Bolt, Peter Dutton linked refugee policies taken in the 1970’s, to the problems Australia is currently experiencing with foreign fighters.

“The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970’s and we’re seeing that today,” Dutton asserted..

“We need to be honest in having that discussion. There was a mistake made.”

Now let us be clear, Dutton’s somewhat coded language, might obfuscate the core of what he is saying.

Clearly, Dutton is not criticizing the thousands of Vietnamese refugees that came to Australia in the 1970’s, who have since enjoyed great success.

It is not Vietnamese- Australians who claim a fabricated victimhood status, work against our institutions, and in some cases join terror groups overseas. This group is obviously not the issue at hand.

Instead, Dutton is alluding to a legacy of problems among segments of the Muslim community, who in part originate from our humanitarian intake following the 1976 Lebanese civil war.

Placing PC emotive responses aside, is he wrong?

Considering that every single ethnic group that came to Australia before the Islamic community, sought to contribute rather than change our societies, I would think not.

As for Australians to willingly relinquish their rights and safety, to travel overseas with ambition to fight for a terrorist organisation, was an unprecedented trend prior to the rise of Islamic State.

Thus, Dutton is right to suggest that some Islamic refugees have created serious problems, however inconvenient this truth may be.

The first priority of Australian governments should always be to put its people first, not those of the unscreened, poorly educated migrants.

However, this nationalist perspective might be challenged, if one were to argue that Australians actually deserve the hardship of terrorism.

Although this would be a wacky, Islamopologist viewpoint to take, if such sentiment was openly expressed, it would make much more sense of the common reasoning employed by the Left.

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