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One year on from the Paris attacks


It might be a few days late, but writing a post in commemoration of the victims of last year’s Paris attacks, is surely better late than never.

While I didn’t directly know anyone caught in Paris during this time, I did visit the city only 3 weeks after the atrocities, so on some level these attacks are personal to me.

While Europe has seen terror attacks before and after the events of Paris, the 13th of November 2o15, should go down as the day the continent truly lost its innocence.

As the sheer scale and barbarity of the attacks proved, endless Western offerings of freedoms and generosity to Muslim newcomers, could only be met with barbarism and violence.

Of course, this is not to state that all Muslims share the same warped mindset the Paris attackers did. But the fact that a select few did, taken alone is almost enough to outweigh all other positive contributions that well- meaning Muslims have made to France.

The most barbarous of the several terrorist attacks that occurred on that gruesome night, was the Bataclan theatre massacre.

Consider the image below of the hundreds of innocent French people enjoying a concert in the Bataclan theatre, taken just minutes before the attack.

Image result for bataclan theatre massacre

Look at the faces in this joyous crowd. They comprise of mostly young French men and women who were likely tolerant and accepting, with open hearts to both the Muslim and non- Muslim world. The fashionable, trendy nature of the Saint Denis suburb in which these attacks occurred in, reinforces this perception.

Contemplating all of this, makes the impending attacks even more heartbreaking. Look at the many people in the crowd. Many of those pictured in this photo, are about to experience the cruelest and most vicious of deaths.

They might appear happy in this photo, but the unbearable, cruel reality that these innocent civilians are about to face, is inescapable.

Now, consider the aftermath of the Bataclan theatre massacre only a few hours later.

Image result for bataclan theatre massacre

While the floor was drenched in French blood, only God could know of the horrendous, deathly stench that must have occupied the hall.

And despite all of this barbarism, what rationale could justify such attacks? Even serial Islamic apologists could not deny that France had vetoed approval of the 2003 Iraq War at the UN Security Council.

It had been, and has continued to be a country which provided safe settlement as well as support for millions of migrants, including many from the Muslim world.

Despite France’s open minded and magnanimous policies towards the Muslim world, the French people were met with extraordinary savagery on this terrible night.

For me, it is blood curdling to this very day, to imagine the fate of the sitting ducks that were the fun- seeking French party goers, at the hands of the violent, irredeemable Islamic fascists who took their lives away.

Further, it boils my blood beyond comprehension, to know that while innocent French corpses lied rotting in the ground, Europe’s most wanted terrorists and their associates lived free for months in nearby Belgium, sheltered by the local Muslim community.

While the West grieved, some celebrated the terrorists as heros, and this is something that should not be forgotten 1 year on from these dreadful acts.

Is the legislative equality we as Westerners grant towards all people, including Muslims a bad thing?

No, but if the Paris attacks were to provide any worthwhile lesson, it is this: we must be prepared to confront a supremacist, apocalyptic enemy with the most absolute of strength, or face deadly consequences.

However above all, I urge all of you if you haven’t done so already, to reflect upon the brutal loss of life that occurred in last year’s Paris attacks.

Life is an incredibly precious thing, as this fateful night so readily proved.

This isn’t to imply that the victims in Paris are more worthy than victims of other comparable massacres.

Still, I encourage you all, to pause for a moment at some stage in the next few days, to remember the unjust, callous fates that these French people were forced to endure, due to the unspeakable actions of radical, Islamic terrorists.

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  1. One of the worst terrorist attacks that have happened in a while. It was disgusting watching the video from that night. Treating people like a pack of sheep. Killing them one by one. It’s terrible honestly. Less guns, more crimes.

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