Anti-White sentiment

The new anti- white racists

Earlier this month, celebrity Lena Dunham claimed that a potential extinction of white men would prompt an ‘evolution of better men’.

Of course, as this genocidal insult was leveled at whites rather than blacks, it was deemed acceptable and part of fair discourse.

Now, this same anti- white, bare hatred of Western people, reemerged when ‘celebrated feminist’ Ngozi Adichie,  stated; “I am sorry, but if you are a white man, you don’t get to define what racism is.”

In order to excuse these bigoted assertions, the Left often dismiss accusations of anti- white racism, by claiming that as white people have enjoyed structural historic advantages, impacts felt by contemporary casual racism such as; ‘your a white dog’, are less felt.

In truth, no reasonable person could argue that white people have felt the same historic discrimination, as have coloured people throughout the West.

However, no reasonable or well- considered person, is arguing such a thing.

But there is a problem with using the traditional advantages enjoyed by white people, to argue that whites have not, cannot and will not experience discrimination.

Further, whether they be black, white or other, no group in society maintains complete hegemony over discrimination and the capacity to control discussions concerning this subject.

For if it were to be impossible for white people to experience discriminatory hardship wherever they live, what about the plight of whites in Zimbabwe, or South Africa, where they have been driven directly and/ or indirectly from their forefathers lands?

What of the hardships being imposed upon the white women of Europe, who are often raped due to their race, at the hands of thousands of Syrian refugees?

What of the disproportionate black- on white rapes and black- on white crimes in America?

What of the recent unprovoked shooting of 5 Dallas Police officers, thought in part to be motivated by anti- white sentiment?

What of the established quotas in universities and affirmative action in areas of employment, which only African Americans can enjoy?

What of the special advantages in welfare, education, health and idealized notions of culture, that only Indigenous Australians can enjoy?

What of the culture of profoundly shaming Western and white history, without questions or checks being imposed on others?

And what of the discriminatory, unyielding pass given by the media to any person of colour, to spew whatever anti- white, anti- Western diatribe they please, while opposing views are met with such condescension and disdain?

It would be wrong to argue that there are simple solutions to issues of race and related problems.

Thus, it is morally wrong, flawed, and above all else factually incorrect, for blatantly anti- white tirades to be permitted without intellectual, reasoned opposition.

Likewise, pursuing ‘equality’ for racial minorities, should not be confused with the special privileges these groups to some extent enjoy, and continue to chase.

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10 thoughts on “The new anti- white racists

  1. Did colored people start slavery and discrimination? Yes. Yes they did. The first people ever were colored. African and Middle Eastern, not the typical European Adam and Eve. The first white Cro-Magnon babies ever born were probably killed for being mutants or Neanderthal half-breeds.

    The Great White Curse is NOT racism. No, that’s a part of human animal instinct. If someone seems unfamiliar, if they look or sound too different, they are not our tribe. They are not our family. They might be a threat. They could bring new diseases, bad genes, or an evil curse. A certain amount of genetic diversity is necessary to prevent birth defects, but humans seek the familiar in a friend or a mate. In this globalized overpopulated era, so many strangers are crammed into such small spaces that “racial tension” is unavoidable. Humans are really quite simple territorial animals.

    No, the Great White Curse is industrialism and colonialism. The “progress” held sacred by the millennials, liberals, and progressives. A belief that all humans should live as a massive cooperative high-tech hive and manipulate the very building blocks of existence as a god. Yes, the Egyptians and Persians built empires, but were surpassed by the Greeks and Romans. Each successive world superpower is indeed more and more white. But that doesn’t equate to “white privilege” or any discrimination against specific races.

    Some of the first victims of Roman “Western” colonialism were the Celts. Other white people. Compare an Irishman to an Italian, tell me who is more white. So why did the Romans slaughter the Celts, if not because they were racist white people? Progress! Sure the Celts had “white privilege”; they must have, they were white. But they were also more “primitive” than the Romans. More respectful of tradition, friendly to the ecosystem, and loyal to their families. The Celts lacked an urge to kill every organism in their path to feed an overgrown population.

    So now the Irish wear plaid kilts instead of beads and long hair. If someone says “tribal Europeans”, most people might imagine a Danish transvestite with a pierced dick and squiggly tattoos. All the white people who used to go “alalala” just like the Arabs have been brainwashed into this “let’s all play god and be one big country!” mindset. The Japanese, the Hawaiians, the Native Americans, the Africans….yes they were all wiped out and/or Westernized by those white people.

    But not because they’re people of color! Those ethnicities just happened to be too “primitive”. The ancient tribal cultures throughout the world, with small stable populations kept in check by natural selection, had a simple but sustainable lifestyle. Such tribes had no need for most “technological advances” for thousands of years. But just as the Romans “civilized” the Celts, Europe at large sought to “enlighten the savages” by stealing their land and brainwashing their children. It has little to do with skin color and everything to do with industrialism.

    The shared liberal AND conservative push to modernize Africa and the Middle East is no different. How is the Western worship of human inventions and discrimination against “low-tech” living any different than the Spanish missionaries slaughtering the pagans? How is invading the Middle East to “spread democracy” any different from Roman senators kidnapping Celtic children? The liberals and progressives claim to love the Earth, to respect other lifestyles, but insist that the only way to peace is assimilation and globalism. The very mindset that resulted in “racial tensions”.

    I agree, the white man hurt the black man. The African hunter-gatherers had a sustainable lifestyle until European colonists and merchants destroyed the ecosystem. If white people stayed in Europe, Africa wouldn’t be plagued by sickness and starvation, and they wouldn’t “need our help” now. They still don’t. Our Great White Way, now digital AND industrial, is what put the whole world in this mess.

    But the African tribes could’ve banded together against the Europeans. The Native Americans could’ve too. But most didn’t. Actually, the Africans sold each other to those awful white people. Nigeria didn’t even end slavery until the 1940s. And speaking of the 1940s, most concentration camp prisoners were white. The only “privilege” white people have is the bliss of ignorance.

    As for race relations in America? A joke. A lie. A bad play. This whole country is. How can you seriously say that black people have it bad in America? Every company is required to hire a certain percentage of “minorities”, regardless of qualification. The unemployed minorities also get prioritized by financial assistance programs. Most black people here get shot by other black people, most “civil rights” protesters are white teenage girls, and most black protesters just want an excuse to burn down their own town. And no one ever even mentions the Native Americans being used as school mascots.

  2. You made a lot of assertions that you couldn’t back up with facts. If you must speak up against racism stand on the right side of history by shining light into what blacks and people of colour went through and are still going through till this day.

    1. At no point did I deny racism was not a past or present thing. And how could I not back up things with facts? More to the point, do you not think that there is a double standard when genocidal comments against whites are tolerated yet if it were perpetrated against blacks all hell would break loose?

    2. Can you outline how whites have been victims of racism? Then compare whatever you call racism towards whites with the agony of slavery that blacks endured. Marginalisation they face till this very day in various societies. All men are created equal!

    3. I agree that all men are created equal. But so many different groups have endured hardships in human history. And so many groups have committed grave atrocities. So white people dont have a monopoly on everything bad and no group has a god given, eternal right to extensive claims of victimhood.

    4. My point is that you should speak up against the injustice and wickedness people of colour have endured and still endure. Claiming that whites are victims of racism is nothing but an hyperbole.

    5. I’m not in denial of injustices against people of colour. I’m happy to talk about that. But we have enough people who do that. But how many point out the double standard that people can say things about whites but whites can’t do the same?

    6. Did people of colour start slavery and discrimination? As I keep saying even until this very day people of colour are still discriminated against. And modern day slavery affect them as well. So if you want to speak up against racism in a passionate and sincere way address racism and discrimination against the people of colour. I wouldn’t want to go back and forth on this issue any further. Thank you!

    7. If you don’t want to go any further than and reply back then that is fair enough. But take a fair view of history. Who were the first people to end slavery in their countries? Britain (white people). Who were the first countries to pressure the world into abolishing slavery: Western countries after WW1 (white people). Who was the country to fight a civil war of the damn issue: America (again white people). And who were the practices of the longest and most extensive trade practices in the world? No not white people, the Arab slave trade routes! Not to deny Western powers have committed crimes, but as I said we all hear about this enough, so lets add balance to the equation. Thankyou!

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