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The Regressive Left at its worst

Though masquerading under a banner of equality, the Regressive Left scarcely hides its true animosities towards tolerance of any kind; threatening dissenters with verbal abuse, and violently responding to those deemed most offensive.

But this movement, whose origins in spite of modern depravities trace back to genuine civil rights and union reformers, has grown so regressive, arrogant and certain in the gospel truth of their convictions, it has even begun questioning democracy itself.

Already, 2.4 million people have signed a petition to the U.S. Electoral College, urging its members to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton.

Barrack Obama had radical beliefs and yet, did conservatives create such division when America elected its first black President?

Of course not, but to the Left, the immorality and sheer hypocrisy of their anti- democratic behaviour is of no real concern.

Moreover, the US constitution, and the all- important notion of avoiding pure majoritarian democracy through designing the electoral college, is also of meagre value.

As for the modern Regressive Left, these institutions were only developed by a bunch of ‘old white guys’, so what would these bigots really know?

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5 thoughts on “The Regressive Left at its worst

  1. Let’s not call them the regressive left, or at least, let’s also use far left, which is nice term to counter their far right MSM nonsense. It is critical to separate national moderate left from international far left. Particularly as many on the left probably wouldn’t support what they are being lured into, namely the loss of sovereignty.

    One would hope that most people would recognize the world’s most free and fair election was just resolved after 12 grueling months, and that peaceful resolution of differences is certainly preferable to mob rule. In any other country this US election would probably have been a civil war.

    Perhaps we can yet see a positive bounce for restoring democracy coming out of all this rioting? They are definitely not doing their case any good, particularly when President Obama and Mr Bernie Sanders have both said that Trump should be given a chance and that they are willing to work with him if he is sincere.

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