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How Trump’s Election Turned A Safety Pin Into A Symbol

It’s Cameron again, from America’s Logical Conservative, this was something interesting that I ran across when I was scrolling through HuffPost. Needless to say, if you see someone wearing a safety pin and you voted for Trump, RUN!

Today, I stumbled across a Huffpost article that threw me off when I first looked at it. The article mentioned how anti-Trumpers were wearing safety pins to show solidarity with those that were affected by the election of Donald Trump.

The above Instagram post was what started this entire movement. My favorite quote from the post has to be when it mentions that they will “do all [they] can to combat xenophobia, racism…” I believe that liberals have definitely done all that they can to COMBAT those things.

The riots that have broken out over the last few days have proven to me and many other sane individuals that liberals will stop at nothing to “combat” anything. I think that the general overreaction of liberals to this election has really shown their true colors.

Facebook is overrun with petitions to eliminate the electoral college and to plead to the electors to vote for Hillary in December. This kind of behavior is indicative to a toddler throwing a fit over not getting the toy they wanted in Wal-Mart. You know, if the toddler was 5′ 10″ and knew better.

College campuses are offering passes for students to get out of classes and taking exams because they are so “distraught” over the results of the election. I have seen people burst into tears over Trump being elected. This is complete insanity!

This behavior: the riots, insane petitions, and protests are all a symptom of an “Every child wins a trophy” era. Millenials have been fooled into thinking that they deserve the world and when it is not handed to them, they whine, complain and cry.

If there is one ultimate good that they Trump election has brought, it’s that it has exposed liberals for the kvetching crybabies they are. Even Hillary conceded defeat and attempted to calm the liberal uproar. Democrats knew that this would happen and they did their best to avoid it. What liberals keep forgetting is that we all lose elections, get over yourselves.

-Cameron ALC

2 thoughts on “How Trump’s Election Turned A Safety Pin Into A Symbol

  1. Because they definitely need diapers. I saw one video of an anti-Trump/pro-Hillary protester who pulled her pants down in public, took a shit in front of everyone, and smeared it with her bare hands on a Trump sign. A grown woman doing what a toddler might do. Now I’m all for men and women being equal, but not equally disgusting. Feminists don’t like men for being loud, belligerent, obnoxious, disrespecful, entitled, perverted, violent, drunk, or unhygienic, right? Then why stoop to their level just because you “have the right to”? And then they want to say that being polite and opening a door for a lady is sexist….

  2. It’s actually a good thing that these progressives are using a safety pin as a symbol. When they’re finally done crying, they can use them to pin up their diapers.

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