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Donald Trump Is Already Making America Great Again

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After last night’s biggest political upset in quite some time, we the people had the tremendous pleasure of seeing several fantastic things occur within an extremely short amount of time. Several things happened over the course of today that show all the signs of smooth sailing for the Trump presidency.

Almost immediately after polls closed last night, the stock market dropped about 700 points but then resurged to almost all time highs as of today. This was completely unexpected as when most presidents are elected, the stock market takes a pretty sturdy dip. This is already showing signs that a strong economy will be a symptom of a Trump presidency.

Trump’s stated policy on cutting taxes on the rich must be music to the ears of every big wig in Wall Street. And even though Wall Street has been demonized over the course of this election, I think it goes without saying that we want it to be profitable. This kind of response to a Trump presidency has me practically convinced that we will not experience near as much of the pain that we would feel under a Clinton presidency.

On top of Wall Street’s success, the election of Donald Trump has seemingly restored a decade’s old cold shoulder from the Russians. Hillary’s election would have most certainly caused relations with Russia to worsen. As a matter of fact, I would even go so far as to say that Hillary’s presidency would have led to a legitimate conflict with the imposing power.

Tying into the economy, gold prices have actually managed to increase in value from its four day decline and is up $13.90 from earlier today.

This sort of confidence from foreign countries and in our own economy is a perhaps a large sign that Americans may have gotten this one right. Yes, I know many of us conservatives may feel disheartened by the results of this election, but I honestly have only seen good come from the Trump election (At this point, if things start going downhill I’ll just pretend I never wrote this!).

This kind of support for a newly elected president has practically been unheard of for quite some time! Unless if you factor in the upset democrats that are desperately waiting for any reason to burn down a city. Alas, as Obama said today as he announced Trump’s victory, “The sun will still rise.”

Tomorrow will be a new day and a surreal America.

-Cameron ALC

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Already Making America Great Again

  1. An Australian blog speaking well of Trump. Australians who are, as the liberal media would like us Americans to think, so happy under liberal-like policies. My mate’s cousin thinks y’all feel so safe knowing only criminals and cops can get guns in your country. And your healthcare system must be so great, with all the free poisons and procedures tested on you under anesthesia without your informed consent. The “tolerance” and “equality” of liberal policies has certainly done good by the Aboriginals.

    Haha I’m not too good at this sarcasm thing. Great blog, great to see that Australia isn’t all brainwashed. Although the author of this post is American anyway. BUT this comment here is more for the Australians, since Australia is awesome. Except for the government and European influence.

    But if you live here in the United States, and you watch the news on CNN and Democracy Now, you’d think this country is a happy healthy haven for immigrants and idiots. Americans love themselves and think everyone else does too. We wouldn’t have any violence at all, if only the Republicans would turn in their guns and stop making black people shoot each other. Oh and if every special snowflake got their own bathroom.

    But the citizens of other countries see right through us. Although brainwashed by their own governments, they aren’t fed all this Friendly Uncle Sam bullshit. To Russia, Iraq, and the Philippines, Uncle Sam is that pervert uncle that tricks you into squeezing his balls. Immigrants come here from China for freedom and end up warning us that the US is turning Communist too.

    Americans watch the news and see racial injustice, mass shootings, Pokemon in the street, and Harambe for president. No problems here except too many guns and not enough government handouts. Australians and Afghans watch US and see a bunch of jobless furries taking selfies while they burn their own towns. But America is “still” great and “the land of the free” to all the little kids here.

    We focus so much on “racial tension” between blacks and whites, rioting anytime a cop defends himself against a criminal, that we tolerate all real problems in the name of “tolerance.” The media makes up conflicts between the sexes and races, funded by the government and major corporations, to distract us from the REAL enemy: THEM. It’s hard to even put the stupidity of my own country in words.

    For example? Americans think the justice system is corrupted by “white privilege”. Cops, even black cops, only arrest and kill black criminals for being black. BUT black-on-black crimes far outnumber cop-on-black AND black-on-cop. Likewise, the “European” slave traders were supplied by African chieftans selling fellow African prisoners. The only “privilege” white folks have is the bliss of ignorance. With all these butt-hurt blacks and wannabe anime characters, no one even remembers all the Native Americans in reservations trying to preserve their Earth-honoring traditions. The more “eco-friendly” liberal news here has barely even mentioned the huge protest against the Dakota Pipeline.

    Oh yes, the liberals LOVE the natural environment and its native ethnicities. Much more so than those dirty conservatives who actually live with the wild land. The liberals are so tolerant and eco-friendly that they advocate mercury-filled lightbulbs, build everything out of petroleum-based plastic, allow women extra days off work just for being pregnant, discriminate against folks without smartphones or a college education, shoot firefighters for having badges, and believe the Modern White Way is the only way to save those poor primitive Native Americans and Africans. That industrial/colonial attitude is what destroyed the delicate ecosystem that those tribes thrived with for millennia.

    Thank you for spreading the truth about liberals, progressives, and their “progress”. I wouldn’t identify as a conservative either, more what you could call an “anarcho-primitivist”, but definitely on the “right” side haha. I can read this Trump article without wanting to rip my hair out. Howdy to y’all in Australia, enjoy your bush coconuts and kickboxing kangaroos! 🙂

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