Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

My final say on the US election

The extraordinary cycle that has been the 2016 US Presidential election, is about to come to a close. Within 24 hours the world’s greatest superpower will have elected its next President.

But for the sake of global political correctness, fair trade and immigration, I dearly, dearly hope that Donald Trump takes the Presidency. If nothing else a Trump victory would be an enormous rebuke of the very elites that have plunged the west into its current state of ruin.

Regardless, I will share this viral, inspirational video of Donald Trump, in the off chance this might influence an undecided American voter.

Good luck with your election America, as the future of the world truly depends on it.


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One thought on “My final say on the US election

  1. I’m so very confused why you liked my post “America Über Alles.” The republican nominee wouldn’t show up any elites, he is one. I pray for my country, as a conscious breathing republican, that we don’t further deify this second coming of Hitler by giving him responsibility over our lives and those of our children. I can only imagine what jenkem you’ve been exposed to that you believe he’s the lesser of two evils. From in the states, where he’s been in the public eye for my entire lifetime, I assure you he will bankrupt our country and pull the global economy into a recession so severe, Atlantic City will start to look hospitable again.

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