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Assad speaking some sense

In the following video, Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad clears up the propaganda being spread in discussion regarding the Syrian civil war. On humanitarian grounds, on international law grounds and on grounds of long term stability in the Middle East, the western meddling in the Syrian conflict is wrong, and sensible leadership would see Australia play no further part.

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2 thoughts on “Assad speaking some sense

  1. “The question you should ask when there is a crime is who is the beneficiary?” “You cannot build a position based upon the images of terrorists and their supporters, it is a game of propaganda.” Well said.

    If only our leaders had half as much moral resolve and ethics to guide their decisions. Western behavior in Mesopotamia has been utterly disgraceful for decades now.

    Australia should have nothing to do with this conflict. Australia should also hurry up and defend and free Julian Assange.

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