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The staunch defence of our borders

The Australian government recently announced it will seek to alter the Immigration Act, to ensure that those coming to Australia by boat, will never gain citizenship and/ or entry of any kind.

Moreover, should these legislative changes take hold, all boat people deemed legitimate refugees will be resettled elsewhere.

Malcolm Turnbull reflected these ambitions on Sunday when he stated; “The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler- it is closed”.

Of course, the failed Kevin Rudd and UN have lined up to criticize these policies.

But despite external pressure, Australia is perhaps the only nation in the developed world that has effectively stemmed the flow of illegal immigration, while maintaining a humanitarian intake and a generous aid contribution abroad.

Surely, it would be sensible to ensure that arrivals to the country who came through the assistance of people smugglers, are never allowed settlement in Australia.

Instead, we should prioritize those languishing in the refugee camps of the developing world, who could not finance the costs of boarding rickety people smuggling boats.

Further, the unmitigated disaster that occurred during the Labor years of 2007- 2013, in which thousands of vulnerable people drowned at sea, must never be repeated. As such, these most recent announcements that aim to deter would be boat people, are most appropriate.

And as for the critics of this latest move, this issue boils down to whether or not our government will take an internationalist approach, or a nationalist approach.

Of course, it would suit the past and present boat people to be instantly granted citizenship. A case (albeit a slightly dubious one), might be argued that asylum seekers were better off under Labor’s past policy of open borders.

But how would such a move serve the Australian people and our country’s interests? If the lessons of unbridled illegal immigration to Europe are of any worth, open borders are fraught with great risk and peril.

Thus, particularly from the perspective of a nationalist who seeks to put the Australian people first, it would be wise to uphold the current policy on asylum seekers, and further strengthen our borders through these latest legislative proposals.

While I’m no enormous fan of the federal government, this most recent move is one I applaud, as the fact that our political leadership is seeking to put Australians first despite foreign resistance, is admirable.

4 thoughts on “The staunch defence of our borders

  1. I think this is a BRILLIANT development and a brave notice to the rest of the western world that we can and should all follow in Australia’s footsteps!! It’s not racist simply to want to protect your country and borders.

  2. It should be pretty clear to those with eyes to see that the International Left is using 3 main issues to bring about global “governance” by the UN-elected control freaks in think-tanks (thought deprived torture cells) and bureaucracies that will replace sovereign states: Refugees, L.G.B.T.I.Q., and Climate Change. All of these issues are designed to homogenize global culture and bring about global rule by stirring the masses into consensus and apparent agreement of such policies as portrayed in complicit media.

    Those left scratching their heads need look no further than the elites of old who are quietly behind it all and very much in favor of a supranational global ruling elite. This rule through media consensus is their preferred mode of operation. It’s fair and democratic right?

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