Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull’s Defence minister does not even know her own role

Malcolm Turnbull’s leftist Defence Minister Marise Payne, has made headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Pressed in a Senate estimate hearing yesterday morning, Payne struggled to coherently outline the difference between her own job and that of Christopher Pyne, whose role is Defence Industry Minister.

In other words, there is no clear distinction between both the tasks that require completion, and the levels of superiority within defence ministry ranks.

What a disgraceful position that we have reached under this current ‘Liberal’ government, in which there exists confusion over roles in the vital area of defence.

To both the so called ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ aspects of the Liberal- National coalition, this latest scandal betrays the party’s 2 traditional bases of  support.

Firstly, from the perspective of the ‘conservative side’ of the coalition, what on earth is there conservative about not placing defence as a high priority? There is no use for such politicians to recite ‘lest we forget’ every April and November, if they dishonour our ancestors’ extraordinary sacrifices through not prioritizing and taking seriously our nation’s safety.

Further, considering the ‘Liberal’ wing of the party, what aspects of libertarianism or liberalism are reflected, when the federal government has bloated to a record- high 49 portfolios?

Clearly, when neither conservatism nor libertarianism is adequately represented, the Liberal- National coalition relinquishes its place as a party of genuine principles.

Likewise, when contemplating all of the party’s conservative surrenders since September 2015, which besides defence and bloated government, include record debt, cowardice on free speech, safe schools indoctrination, apologies for Islam and selling off Australian ports, the future role and significance for the once- proud Liberal- National party, will continue to remain in perilous doubt.

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