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New WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary Clinton

As the past week has witnessed tremendous criticism being aimed toward the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump; a scheming, manipulative, corrupt career politician, has meanwhile quietly continued her own path.

While Hillary Clinton would prefer no debates and to simply ‘run out the clock’ with her current momentum, this approach will be made more difficult thanks to recent revelations from WikiLeaks.

After WikiLeaks hacked into her emails system and made its content public, a number of disturbing Clinton scandals were uncovered, further exposing her extraordinary corruption and conniving nature for all to see.

One element of the emails leaks particularly disturbing as reported in the Washington Times, was the exposed relationship between Hillary Clinton and Islamic State sponsors.

Reportedly, Qatar gave the Clinton foundation 1 millions dollars in 2012, as a ‘present’ for Bill Clinton’s birthday. And yet later in 2014, a Hillary Clinton email detailed the manner by which both Qatar and Saudi Arabia was providing logistical support to the Islamic State terror group.

We also know that the Clinton foundation donors expected ‘benefits in return for gifts’. In this instance, what exactly were the benefits reciprocated back to the Qatari government for the price of 1 million dollars?

Did these donations influence US foreign policy in the region, in terms of its initial funding of the Islamic State, and its later appeasement through a feckless military strategy?

Given the Islamist leanings of Barrack Obama and the nature of his foreign policy for the most part with Hillary as Secretary of State, it is certainly of some likelihood to suggest, that Hillary Clinton intentionally aided the Islamic State as consequence of these donations.


5 thoughts on “New WikiLeaks revelations on Hillary Clinton

  1. Not sure which one is ‘worser’. But that’s not what I said. I understand that Hillary has done some irredeemable acts but you can’t just report one side of the story. The bottom line is that Americans shouldn’t have to choose between two terrible candidates.

    1. There not the best 2 candidates I won’t lie. But whereas trump has made shocking remarks she has done shocking actions that have had disastrous consequences so I’d choose trump.

  2. Your reporting of democrats is awfully one sided. How come you had nothing to say about the 2005 video of Donald Trump horrendously degrading women and the multiple sexual assault charges claimed against him?

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