Turkey’s New Territorial Claims Threaten NATO

Will Russia help give a new birth to a resurgent Ottoman Empire? It’s a tricky bit of diplomacy, but their recent successes suggest they could do so — and thereby destroy the major international alliance controlling Russian aggression. CounterJihad, October 13, 2016: A significant claim is being pushed by the Turkish government, one that could […]

3 thoughts on “Turkey’s New Territorial Claims Threaten NATO

  1. Britain has been obsessed with ‘containing Russia’ since WW1 and the fall of the Ottoman empire. All the Iraq wars have been fought over holding their deep water port in Kuwait and the Bush family was given Order of the Garter for that by the Queen of England. Hillary parrots this nonsense and this has been one of the strategic and defining foreign policy visions of the Anglo-American alliance. Of course, this gave rise to Hitler who was initially imagined to be a suitable bulwark against Communism.

    The sad fact of the matter is the West has projected it’s global ambitions on Russia since WW2 and completely bungled the world geo-politcal map in the process creating enemies where it should have easily cultivated friends by leaving neutrals alone and letting them appeal for help if and when aggressed upon.

    The ‘with us or against us’ doctrine of J.F. Dulles and subsequent US regimes is all wrong and will only lead to more war. This is why it is critical to elect Trump and end the cycle of hostility with Russia and begin building a world of increased co-operation between spheres of influence that trust one another to accept the cultural realities that make the world what it is.

    NATO should be terminated and the EU built formally and openly into it’s own proper super-state.

    1. It’s always easy to have 20/20 vision in hindsight but better late than never.

      Imagine what would our relationship with the ‘Middle East’ be like now if since ’45 we’d simply left a calling card on the fridge (in case those pesky Russians get up to something) and focused on exporting education, clean water, farming technology and due process of law to that region?

      Let the Russians be the aggressor and deliver the developments that the people really want.

      As Winnie the Pooh said: “You catch more flies with honey!”

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