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Islamism whitewashed by political elites

Today, Malcolm Turnbull moved a bipartisan- backed motion on ‘equal rights and racial tolerance’ within the Federal Parliament.

Carried out in response to polling which revealed that one third of Australians believed Muslims should be subject to greater screening and scrutiny, the motion showcased just how disconnected Canberra elites across the spectrum are to ordinary people.

In his motion, Malcolm Turnbull claimed continued Muslim cooperation to be the answer to our current issues.

“The most effective weapon against the terrorists is an inclusive nation. An inclusive nation is a safer nation”, he said.

“It enables our security agencies to better protect us. It enables them to secure the support and assistance of the Muslim communities without which they cannot keep us safe.”

Labor leader Bill Shorten chimed in with similar remarks. “Migrants are not filling our dole queues, or taking our jobs, or clogging up our highways — or doing all three at the same time. Migration is not a cost, or a burden”, he extraordinarily contended.

However, any thorough analysis of the facts in these circumstances would expose both party leaders as deluded charlatans.

Turnbull’s statements came in the form of either a sheer disregard, or complete unawareness of, the intentionally obstructive, divisive approaches taken by the Muslim community leadership, when countering the problem terrorism. Irrespective of the reasoning for his ill- informed comments, as Prime Minister of our nation, such a response was woefully inadequate.

Equally, Bill Shorten’s claims were comparatively foolish. His assertions that ‘migrants are not filling our dole queues’, or ‘clogging up our highways’, were outright falsehoods by any measure. Meanwhile, his statement that migrants are not ‘taking our jobs’, in a time in which some major states are experiencing recession amid continued high immigration, is a dubious assertion at best.

All that today’s events revealed is that there is a growing disconnect between the concerns of the masses and the elitism of the political establishment.

At this troubled time, what is needed is reasoned thinking on the issues facing Australians, not the same cliched lip service aimed at keeping everyone content. Without a basic understanding of the threats posed by Islamism, our mainstream leaders continue on shamefully ill- equipped to deal with related issues.

It is astonishing to think now, that Malcolm Turnbull expected the last election to deliver a comfortable Liberal- National majority in government.

For it doesn’t take long to see where contempt for the 2 major parties, is developing on a profound and widespread scale. Further, at this rate, the same factors that gave life to the populist likes of One Nation, only seem set to grow till the next election, which would permanently scar the LNP/ ALP stranglehold those parties have historically enjoyed.

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