United Nations

The UN giving out its unnecessary, unwanted advice

A subsidiary group within the United Nations, has recently called upon the United States to pay reparations towards Black Americans, due to a legacy of ‘enslavement, racial subordination, radical terrorism, and racial inequality in the US’.

Regardless of whether US leadership feels compelled to give ‘reparations’ to Black Americans, why is it considered the realms of UN influence, to give the world’s superpower lectures on race relations? Since when did the UN mandate extend to this extent that it can attempt to dictate the domestic policies and actions within sovereign states?

Evidence that the UN is an increasingly biased arbiter amongst many fields, is exemplified as these demands were uniquely dictated towards the United States and more broadly Western civilization. For if this organisation held any genuine credibility, why hasn’t such advice offered to other ex- slave areas of the world?

The Arab slave trade operated for longer and on a greater scale than the Trans- Atlantic slave trade and yet there have been no requests from the UN to modern states such as Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Libya to provide so called ‘reparations’.

Unelected, unaccountable and predisposed to anti- Western sentiment, the UN is now unrecognizable from the bold, ambitious and hopeful organization formed in World War Two’s bloodied aftermath.



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