Hello friends, visitors or otherwise. Today I am proud to announce that I am releasing my first eBook for purchase. The eBook is titled; Islamopologist Australia: How the Islamic establishment seeks to subvert integration and apologize for terrorism. As the title suggests, the piece outlines the deceitful, counterproductive nature of many mainstream Australian Muslim leaders. Moreover, the eBook closely examines those who have been naively termed  as ‘moderates’ and exposes the flaws of this broader narrative. Written by me, the freedomfighter 1995 and edited by the LittleLiberal, given both the writing of the eBook and the organizing of the PayPal, this has been months in the making.

Thus, I am delighted to be in this position and for hopefully a few of you to enjoy its content. I have established a PayPal button at the top- right of my home page, while the instructions for purchasing the eBook are at the top of the home page. Nevertheless, I will post the instructions below this message for any among you that are interested.

For those not fascinated by this development either in the short or long term, the site will continue as normal and I look forward to my continued interactions with you all (be they positive or negative). Also, I will be releasing further eBooks in the future and will again post once this occurs.

In any case, thank you for visiting the aussieconservativeblog. I extend my good wishes to all and aspire that you can enjoy this site’s present and future content.


Click on the ‘eBooks’ link on my home page accompanied with the PayPal sign. The link is a side bar at the top- right of the home page.

  1. Complete the required information. This can be done through a Pay Pal account, or through using an appropriate credit or master card.
  2. Following your purchase, you will be taken through to a confirmation page on this website. On this page, you will find the link to the eBook.

Note: So as customers you all know what you are getting into prior to your purchase, I will outline the criteria for my pricing. The length of Islamopologist Australia is 6238 words and the price is $4.39. This equates roughly to paying $1 for a every 1416 words. At this stage it appears likely that this will be the future formula for the pricing of materials and if there are any changes I will make these clear.

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