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More jihad

In response to the terror attack in North Queensland, I criticized the ‘inexorable lack of media coverage ‘. However I regret to say, that media interest in Islamist inspired attacks in Australia has declined even since then.

Yesterday, a Sydney man was stabbed by a 22 year old Muslim Ihsas Khan, who has since been charged with committing a terrorist attack and attempted murder. Moreover, Deputy police commissioner Catherine Burns described the man as having links, albeit indirect with the Islamic State.

“We know that this person has strong extremist beliefs inspired by ISIS,” she said. The wife of the stabbing victim further explained to media the Islamist links of the attack.

“Just in the morning he came out of his house and just walked towards us,” she said. “We thought he was going to ask us something and then he just turned around and went back home and he had a little book in his hand with Arabic writing on it”.

It deeply saddens me that these events have become part of the status quo, and the expected norm and course of events in this country. But these are the expected consequences of decades of unhinged Islamic immigration.

My only hope to come from this event (besides from the anticipated full recovery of the stabbing victim), is that this can spark a broader public discussion, in which potential bans to immigration from OIC countries are raised and thus further legitimized.

Although, given the the lack of media interest in the matter, the societal path of apathy and difference to the broader issue of Islamism, seems projected to continue.

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