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Halal certification: Does it fund terrorism?


Earlier today I stumbled across an ABC ‘Fact Check’ article from last year, which concluded that there was no evidence whatsoever, that revenue raised in Halal certification, goes towards sponsoring acts of terror.

In the article, Muhammad Khan, CEO of Halal Australia, made this stance clear.

“We do not fund anything like that, we do not in any way endorse or support or want to be associated with terrorism,” he said.

However, Khan outlined some of the foreign entities Halal Australia donated money to, listing Muslim Aid and Islamic relief, which he claimed were ‘proper channels’ that were ‘registered non-government organisations internationally’. Further, there is a great difference between what a Muslim perspective, and that of a non- Muslim perspective, regards to be the ‘proper channels’.

This difference was reflected, as Israel banned Muslim Aid in 2008, due to its ties to Hamas through the charity Union of Good. Moreover, in 2014, Israel banned Islamic Relief, also due to links with Hamas.

Given this, how is it that Australian Halal certification companies can claim to have no relations to the financing of terror, yet donate to such organisations? However, for the sake of argument, and from the position of the devil’s advocate, perhaps the Israeli’s are incorrect in their assertion. Could this be true, and is it likely that these charities have been truly victimized?

In some paradigm universe, this defence might hold up. Except that the very existence of Israel depends on sharp intelligence, and a capacity to rapidly respond towards Hamas. No nation understands more, and works more to combat the terrorist organisation than Israel does. So I’d take their word for it.

Instead there’s only one liar in this equation. Muhammad Khan, Halal Australia, and the rest of the certification bodies who continually insist there to be no links between Halal, and terrorism. Furthermore, considering the other instances of such bodies donating to these Islamic ‘charities’, the case for no connection between Halal Certification, and Islamic terrorism, is both a misleading and a factually unsubstantiated contention.

While not directly sending money to Islamist terrorist groups, Halal certifiers across the country are nevertheless complicit in such activities. Consistently, certifiers have proven their involvement in the series of duplicitous exchanges among varying Islamic charities, which often ends up in the hands of Hamas and other related organisations.

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