Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

A manipulative media

The elite, leftist media has continued to excoriate Donald Trump, as shown by the Guardian’s headline; ‘American Nazi Party leader sees a ‘real opportunity’ with a Trump presidency’.

Such a scam merely scratches the surface in the relationship between Trump and the media, which has consistently pushed a pro- Clinton agenda throughout the course of this Presidential campaign.

Think this claim is exceedingly biased towards Trump? Well how is it that Donald Trump, can receive such a tsunami of criticism in response to the comments of an unaffiliated, fringe group that carries zero traction in any American legislature, and yet Barrack Obama, when endorsed in the past by two more influential, and yet equally prejudiced organisations, in the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam, barely received a slither of such criticism?

Even the most partisan, Clinton- blind advocate, would recognize this grossly imbalanced double standard.

Evidently, as notorious publisher and Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has revealed in recent weeks, the forces behind the campaign of Hilary Clinton, are even more widespread, disreputable, and corrupt than previously imagined.



5 thoughts on “A manipulative media

  1. Trump is just a tool-of-fear to push the asleep American public into voting for Hillary which so many don’t like at all. Bernie too, was a tool to vent the young left and then step down and support Hillary EVEN after it became known that he’d been fuck over by his own party establishment.

    Hillary WILL BE president because that deal went down a long time ago. The Establishment Power will not allow Trump into the inner circle but it really doesn’t matter because Trump would be controlled the same as Hillary by the power elite that run the show.

    Trump and his belief system as well as his followers are shallow and stupid people who are run on empty promises and believe those promises like it was that simple. IT’S NOT!

    Hillary is really no different except her followers should know better! They are more highly educated but still stupid on how this system works.

    The bottom line is that Hillary is already in line with “the neocon program” and the banking elite where Trump would have to be knocked in line but that would really be only a nudge. But Hillary “shows” better on the racist front than Trump!

    Trump will self-destruct because THAT IS PART OF THE DEAL!

    Cheers …………

    1. So true FF1995. But Tubularsock does know that there are many a slip between the cup and the lip and Trump may have small hands but a rather big mouth! Tubularsock isn’t in any power position to make a difference anyway. So, Tubularsock will wait and see as well!

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