White privilege?

The world’s most famous toddler, Prince George, is a mere three years old. Born into a life of wealth and prestige, the young prince will experience the highs and lows that are part and parcel of the British royal family, through no fault of his own.

But this hasn’t prevented the obnoxious left from brutally attacking our future monarch for his ‘white privilege’.

Stunned by the savagery of such an assault, I’m left wondering; When did whiteness become such a bad thing?

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28 thoughts on “White privilege?

  1. Quite simply: I am not a racist.
    Colour and race matter not a whit to me. But—

    —I am very much an ideologist. The philosophies and thinking that guides people’s actions do matter to me.
    The trouble is that colour or race are often simply convenient labels.

    So I accept people on face value until they prove worthy of either acceptance or rejection—by what they do and say (sometimes also two different things).

    These are reasons why I cannot stand any form of ‘Political Correctness’ (PC). I prefer folks who can think for themselves, On real terms.

    I’ll now explore your blog further, what I’ve seen so far is looking good.

  2. I agree with you the way the other writer referred to Prince George was a bit “savage” and her comparing his facial expression to that of a Syrian child (in Syria) is off base. She sounds a bit bitter. On a wider scale, I don’t think it’s that whiteness is a bad thing. It’s when you use the authority that comes from that to take advantage of others. Three year old Prince George is doing nothing but being a happy child. Yes, he was born into privilege but I doubt his parents will raise him to look down on others. I can be pretty left but I completely disagree with the article this linked to.

    1. Yes it is a challenge for us all to remove ourselves from our ideologies and see the truth as we see it. So well done to you for distancing yourself from this craziness. Thanks for your comment!

  3. ff, I hear you. It is extremely sad when people denigrate children merely because of who their parents are. But that is the ‘sins of the father’ being passed on to much easier targets. In general, I think the world has indeed become very anti-white because of the power structure I detailed, where much of the world is controlled or heavily influenced by the European culture. But, if the basic attitude of those in power is to disdain the rest, and to keep them in as much servitude as they can (which is generally the case), then they are going to be hated by those they suppress. There is great balance in Nature, but very little in the human race. A pity.

  4. On a historical basis, I’m not certain the privilege comes from ‘whiteness’. Excessive privilege has always come from power. The two primary sources of power have traditionally been either religion or politics, by which we used to mean having the biggest army so you got to be king, or emperor, or whatever.

    In more modern times, the power shifted to the cultures with the highest level of technology, especially technologies useful for warfare. While the most powerful tribes in Africa and Meso America had all the privileges locally, and the Asian cultures (specifically the Mandarins and the Mongols) subjugated their neighbors (in the case of the Mongols, that included a lot of Europe) by brute force, the middle Europeans, who were essentially ‘white’, became the dominant force throughout most of the world. Their primary opponents were–and still are–the Muslims, particularly those in the Middle East. Because of superior technology, the white traders in Europe and then the U.S. were able to dominate the African tribes, as well as the Meso American tribes. That white dominance has been passed down through generations in the areas they conquered, including South Africa (they’ve essentially been run out of most of Africa by now). But that power–which includes economic as well as religious and political–is still held by the most powerful ‘tribes’ on any given continent. Including Australia, where the white minority had the technology to subjugate the Aborigines.

    So. There are geographic areas where blacks maintain most of the power. There is Asia, where the various locals still control everything, including having taken back India and Hong Kong. Although the Spaniards essentially conquered South America, their descendants have pretty much melded into the indigenous culture, so they no longer dominate as Caucasians. In North America and Europe, yes; the white majority still dominates. And they claim the ‘privilege’ of the powerful. But don’t attribute this to their color, but to their power. In ALL of those areas, the minorities are discriminated against.

    1. Your right, I think my point is really that points of ‘white privilege’ has in a way became code for anti- white. And for heavens sake, targeting a 2 year old for his skin colour? Some of these critics are genuine degenerates and it should be called out.

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