Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Terrorism in Munich and an improper response

From Europe’s civil war has emerged the latest battleground; Munich, as 9 Germans were shot dead by an 18 year old German- Iranian. 9 dead, due to the West’s careless and paradoxical embrace of Islam, is a great tragedy in itself, as will be the lingering aftertaste of fear amongst Germans in the weeks and months to come.

But even worse than this sheer loss of life, and the attack’s callous nature, is the regressive media’s calculated attempt to disguise the attacker’s motives, and to avoid all references to Islam.

The Guardian’s coverage of the Munich shooting epitomized this concerted effort, with descriptions of the attacker as being ‘deranged’, and having ‘mental health issues’ featuring heavily. Not once were the words ‘Islamism’, ‘jihad’, or ‘radical Islam’ mentioned. Nor did the jihadi’s inconvenient cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ receive attention, an issue to close to reality to afford acknowledgement.

From the Orlando jihadi who was angry about being gay, to the Nice jihadi who was a bad driver, to now where we are given some other diversionary explanation; the apologist, media machine dominated by regressives, is showing no sign of slowing its propaganda down.

At best, those unsure of the influence of Islamism into this latest spate of violence, may simply recite; ‘it is too early to know the motives, we must wait for further investigations’. But there are two issues with this delayed response.

One, by the time that Angelo Merkel and her devout multiculturalists come to the accurate conclusion over this incident, (assuming she displays some sort of unprecedented courage), the time passed will have meant that other jihadist attacks would have taken place, and the slain in Munich will have been largely forgotten. And considering that it took Germany’s leader until July, months after the untold millions of refugees had swarmed into Europe and wreaked havoc, to admit her immigration plan brought terrorists into Germany, a similar response would be unsurprising.

Two, can any shred of trust be placed in German authorities, given their record of covering up acts of crime and terrorism committed by Muslims, whether it be in the sexual ‘Taharrush’ committed in Cologne, or in other instances?

Subsequently, the recent atrocity that took place in Munich should be appropriately termed; an Islamic- inspired act of terrorism, in the hope that a proper remedy can finally be prescribed.

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