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Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

Malcolm Turnbull’s grovelling Itfar dinner held in Kirribilli House last week, has taken its latest turn for the worse. In extraordinary revelations, dailymail has reported that caterers of this dinner brought in ‘special crockery’ to accommodate for devout Muslim guests, who refused to eat from plates previously used by non- Muslims.

Given at the dinner, and in the days since, Turnbull has continued to preach the gospel of ‘tolerance’ and ‘mutual respect’, within the pretext of this cowering act of dhimitude, this presents perhaps the most inditing sign of his utter incomprehension of the nature of Islam, which is beginning to border on lunacy.


There may have been a time, in which Australians could dismiss these ignorant actions, as unfortunate yet well- intentioned. But given dozens of terror arrests are now an annual occurrence, and that Islamopologist thought and denial has pervaded virtually all aspects of Australian society, this dangerous abjuration of Australian values, whether be through misguided altruism or not, can no longer be afforded without genuine and long- lasting ramifications.

9 thoughts on “Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

    1. Firstly, it is extremely unlikely that Malcom Turnbull personally invited guests. Our prime minister is a busy man and by saying that he “invited a hate preacher” highlights nothing more than the fact that he is human and that we all make mistakes. Furthermore he acknowledged and discussed his mistake after the event; stating that he regretted inviting Sheikh Alsuleiman and condemning homophobic ideals.

      “Of course they would deny it”. If you think you can trust media outlets such as the daily mail that produce ‘news’ such as this;

      -over the prime ministers office you’re simply kidding yourself.

    2. But surely, on a night in which we were going to see the best and finest of the Muslim community (in order to show off to and brainwash the public), that it was revealed that the president of the national Inams council, had advocated such things, is an indictment on aspects of the Muslim community, more than anything else. I’m not advocating jihad against Muslims or some other group, but yet I’m the bad guy?

    3. Turnbull did condemn homophobia in all communities and urged the perpetrator to reconsider his views. I’m not really sure what else you can ask for.

      Regardless, the invitation of that particular person is completely irrelevant to my original comment, which showed that the information your post is based on has no factual basis.

      I’m merely saying that you are providing false information – that the guests asked for unused crockery (which they did not) for your purpose of establishing division between communities. I do not consider misrepresenting inaccurate facts to establish divisiveness to be ‘good’, so yes in this instance you have done a bad thing.

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