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Orlando terror attack

Not quite 48 hours ago, I heard of the terrible atrocities of the recent terrorist attacks in Orlando, in which a single Muslim gunman, killed 50 within a gay nightclub, before being finished by police.

Constantly, articles and posts from virtue- signalling hypocrites, have unbelievably been defending Islam, with foolish cliches such as ‘religion knows no hate’ being frequently espoused. Waiting for the bodies to turn cold, is too much of an ask for this shameless mob, who cried Islamophobia while the death toll continued to rise.

If anything can come out of this latest atrocity, I pray that those critical of Islam, and individuals who dare to question any elements of its doctrine, can win over the few remaining ignorant Islamic advocates, that are still open to hearing new ideas and opinions.

As put simply, the Islamic equation for gays, cannot be made any more harsh, or blunt in its intentions. Islam wants gays dead, as is practiced in 6 countries which have the Quran as their constitution, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan and others. Moreover, there are more Islamic countries which homosexuality is criminalized, than countries that do not penalize such practices. So much for a ‘tiny minority of extremists’.

The events in Orlando are not a matter of wacky religious interpretation, or progressive- fantasy contributing factors such as racism, and Islamophobia. Rather, the more Islamic a country becomes, and the more contact Muslims have with gays, the more dangerous the predicament becomes for homosexuals. I sincerely hope that the free world can once and for all learn this lesson.

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  1. I am appalled at the naivety of the gay/lesbian community towards Islaimists!

    They hold banners across the cities of the world crying loudly that they oppose “Islamophobia”, However what they fail to realize is that Islamists do not NEED ANY SUPPORT, the Jihadi will strike whoever and whatever Gay, Straight, Free Thinker, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan, etc etc does not matter to them!

    I’m surprised how can the Westerners who otherwise claim to be superior in all aspects be so dumb in understanding the true nature and ideology of Islam and Islamists!

    Oh and by the way here are 2 interesting articles about the Orlando Jihadi “devout” Muslim Mateen for reference

    Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s ex-wife says he had ‘gay tendencies’ as Pulse patron describes attacker as ‘a regular’

    Was Orlando Gunman Sexually Conflicted? And Did It Matter?

  2. This was certainly an act of terrorism for the LGBT and American community, however, the primary issue at stake here is the plain and simple fact that this American born citizen, a known suspect of the FBI was able to purchase a Sig Sauer MCX .223-caliber rifle less than a week before the attack with no background checks.

    Let me just repeat that, a known suspect to the FBI bought a semi-automatic assault rifle with high grade ammunition capacity over the counter. Please, tell me how he needed that assault rifle to defend himself or that if he didn’t buy it over the counter he would just buy one on the streets anyway. You’ve also previously suggested that if someone in the crowd had been armed, for example in Paris, then less people would have been killed. This time a policemen doing extra-duties was in the crowd, someone who is surely proficient with a weapon, however, this clearly did not change the outcome. Perhaps you will suggest that if everyone was carrying a handgun then they could have defended themselves. I can personally only imagine that could end perhaps even worse, where after the first shot is fired the police and by-standers are unable to distinguish the “good” and “bad” people and more innocent people are killed in the crossfire.

    Theres no doubt that this was an act of terrorism and that national security could be improved and a significant part of that would be implementing gun-background checks and removing the ability to assault rifles over the counter.

    1. How did he do it? With guns. If had hadn’t had easy access to a highly powerful assault rifle a high majority of the people killed would still be alive.

      I’m not saying that his radicalised perspective on Islam didn’t cause him to commit the crime although clearly there was a number of factors at play including mental health issues and homophobia. But why would you condone aspects of a society that allows these terrible crimes to be committed so easily? Regardless of the underlying reason for committing the crime it was perpetrated with an easily sought out high powered assault rifle.

      Its an absolute no-brainer to implement gun background checks which would at the least, fix the end part of this equation by removing the weapon from dangerous people.

    2. Yes and on that level you are right, background checks particularly for those on the terror watch lists should be extensive. However, this doesn’t take out the issue of Islam, and you merely labelling it as ‘mental health issues’ is diverting vital attention.

  3. An old liberal belief: Muslims have nothing against homosexuality and alternative lifestyles.

    That naive bubble was popped Sunday morning.

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