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Personal annecdote of some PC madness

The AFL round just completed, witnessed the yearly Indigenous round, in which Aboriginal highlight reels packages were produced, traditional dances were held, among various other annual festivities. Moreover, tributes to the contribution of Indigenous people towards the game of Australian Rules Football, stemmed beyond the AFL. Varying amateur leagues even participated in a smoking ceremony, as a mark of respect for Indigenous Australians involved either in the present or historically, in our great national game.

Now, in my frank opinion, attempting to legitimately justify the very existence of an ‘Indigenous round’, a week in which even in our sporting realms, we are demanded to show excessive and exclusive respect towards the purported achievements of Aboriginal people and culture, would represent a troublesome task. For if the silent majority were to be truthful, and an equitable criteria applied, the footballing accomplishments of British Australians, as well as past Irish, Italian and Greek immigrants, would surely warrant the creation of a ‘Greek round’ or something of the like.

Nevertheless, my specific concern of this Indigenous round weekend, is the means by which this pandering, politically correct approach of the AFL, is wrongfully infiltrating into amateur leagues and throughout broader society.

Think I’m exaggerating? Take for instance my family friend’s under 16 football game, played on Saturday. The week presented an intense build- up; a grudge match driven by geographic and historical rivalry. As a 15 year old kid excited for his upcoming fixture, my family friend, along with a handful of others, decided to get a mullet haircut, as a means of having some harmless fun, and to showcase a more intimidating appearance ahead of an important match.

However, these 5, well- intending kids amidst their attempts at fun, forgot one important detail. That is, how to deal with the PC police, disguised as school authorities. Because of it being Indigenous Round in the AFL, the school’s amateur league carried out its own tribute through a ‘smoking ceremony’, and subsequently, it was decided that for the 4 kids to sport mullets on the football field, it would be ‘disrespectful’ to Indigenous culture, and thus the haircuts were removed prior to the game.

From my perspective, the appeasement absurdity in this case is extraordinary, and yet, a sense of normality, and expectation also accompanies it. To somehow interpret, that 4 teenagers playing a game of sport with unflattering haircuts, even while past Indigenous deeds were being recognized, can equate to a reasonable and valid cause for offence, is pure lunacy. To believe that Aboriginals in remote Australia, genuinely have time to be insulted by such frivolous matters, rather than drugs, alcohol, and violence which plague their communities, is also ridiculous.

If anything else, the boycotting of the mullet for simply an under- 16’s game of football, demonstrates the direct intrusion that the elite, leftist ideologues have effected within our society, and how a group of virtue- signalling morons, have dictated the conduct of far too many. Sure, this act of PC madness in isolation is not the equivalent of a cataclysmic climax, but it still embodies a regression that I will forever oppose.


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