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Trump wants to debate Bernie: My take

After exchanges between the Donald Trump camp, and the Bernie Sanders camp, speculation has begun to build, of a potential debate between the 2 candidates, ahead of the upcoming California primary. While there is no established date regarding this hypothetical debate, such an event occurring before the Democrat’s selection of their nominee, would be extremely unusual.

Subsequent media attention and distraction generated from conjecture over whether this debate will occur, represents an attempt by Trump, to undermine and discredit Hilary Clinton, and ultimately divide Democrat support for the eventual nominee. With Clinton’s nomination virtually inevitable, it is in Trump’s interests, to ensure that populist support for Bernie Sanders, remains high. Considering Sanders’ supporters throwing of 1 dollar note bills at Hilary Clinton’s motorcade in April, as well as the recent uproar caused at the Nevada Convention, which witnessed death threats against Democrat officials, and widespread violence, it is indisputable, that the progressive base of voters so central to Clinton and her aspirations, are increasingly opposing the former Secretary of State.

This division currently ensuing among progressives, will only be enhanced by an oddly- timed and premature debate between the Republican nominee, and an individual highly unlikely to gain the Democratic nomination, and consequently, will heavily serve the interests of Trump’s Presidential ambitions.

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